We are building the strongest crew to solve hard problems - the [x] Team. We have approached you because we saw you doing exceptional work during our past events and we want to give you the chance to continue this!

We want to give you the probably most awesome job you can have: Inventing the future with extraordinary people and companies - and even continuing your work after the events in follow on projects or startups.

Your benefits:
- Think.Make.Start. is your job
- Huge variety of problems to solve
- [x]clusive access to the Team [x] Office with full access to the hardware library
- [x]clusive Hacker Retreat, Special Lectures,
- Additional Makerspace classes
- Good salary and good fun

Now it's time for you to create that job - just fill out this form and with your info and feedback, we make it happen.

Any further information about our data policy and your rights you can find in our data policy

Example: Think.Make.Start. Industry with TETRAPAK
We flew to Copenhagen and visited Tetrapak in Sweden, checked out their huge machinery and during Think.Make.Start., we worked with 25 TetraPak engineers from all over the world and 25 students from our community. We had access to all the live data of all worldwide installed machinery and build 10 projects with it - at the end the Vice President allowed the teams to continue with a 50k budget.
What are the best options for you?
During Semester
During Semester Holidays
3-Days Think.Make.Start.
5-Days Think.Make.Start
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In which events did you already participate?
Let's make it happen - will you be part of the next Think.Make.Start.?
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