Minnie Box Custom Request Form
Thank you for your interest in a customized curated Minnie Box. Please fill out the order form below. Pricing starts at $75++ and includes shipping.

How to Order:
1. Complete the custom order form in its entirety, missing information may cause delays as this form helps consolidate all your information in one place. The more details you provide about the recipient the better. We will reach out with additional questions if needed. A proposal will be provided within 2 business days.
***Please complete the form for each order, do not combine orders.***
2. Payment details will be sent with the proposal if you approve the order. Payment must be received in order to start the production of your order. Payment delays may cause your order to be received after your requested date.
3. Please be sure to update the shipping information to the recipient’s name and address during your payment process.
*Shipping is included in the price. Shipping is mainly provided by USPS and the estimated delivery date applies, meaning there is no guarantee. Minnie does her best to send the box out early to prevent any shipping delays. A note will be placed on the box to not open until the requested date.
4. Lead time for orders from proposal approval to delivery is between 5-14 business days from the date of payment confirmation. Requests received after 2 pm PT will be reviewed the next business day. Need a quick turnaround? Complete this form and put a note and I’ll do my very best to accommodate!
5. A picture of the box and USPS tracking will be provided when the box is shipped.
*No returns exchanges, or no cancellations once your order is confirmed.

Please add shop@minnie-box.com to your address book to prevent emails from going into your spam folder.

Thanks so much and I look forward to curating your unique Minnie Box.
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Do you have gifts ideas you would like to include in the box? Please tell me all about the recipient ex. Favorite colors, activities, hobbies or interests. The more information you provide will be helpful. Example: He loves all things Mercedes, Ferrari, and Formula 1. Loves to travel the world, he is highly motivational, loves spirits (whiskey), and bling. Minnie Box thinks of the environmental impact, therefore gift items will be thoughtfully recommended. Please note: if a shipping box is in good condition, it may be reused as a Minnie Box. *
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Would you like to include a Minnie Box Candle (8 oz) or a Diffuser (4 oz)? Both will include 2 x 2 in. label with the recipient's name or word. The candles are made with 100% soy wax, cotton wicks, soy wax color, and fragrance. The diffuser includes reed base and fragrance. The diffuser will not have color added. Fragrances that adhere to RIFM and IFRA standards for safety and purity. Fragrances are phthalate-free and approved for bath and body products.⠀⁠ *
Captionless Image
Candle/Diffuser will have a standard label. If you would like to have it personalized, please add the information here. Example: "Kellie" or "The Best Sister." If this question is blank it will default to standard label (candle scent, Minnie Box logo, and candle information).
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If you are adding a candle, please select the fragrance. Candle color included next to the name. If you'd like a sold-out candle, let me know in the comments section and I'll provide you availability date. *Fragrance is not diffuser compatable.
Select the color theme for the box. Minnie Box will select 1-2 pages from this theme to decorate the box and includes occasion message(s) inside the box flap(s). Box decor can be removed from the box flaps as keepsakes and the box can be reused or recycled for other shipping needs. *
Would you like biodegradable peanuts or crinkled paper in the package? *
Each box includes a handwritten card. Please include: Who it's to, your message and who it is from. Example: Nicole, Wishing you the best birthday! Can't wait to celebrate you. Love you always, Marc *
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What is your budget (US shipping will be included)? *
When would you like the Minnie Box to arrive by? From completing your form to delivery, it can take up to 7-14 business days for the recipient to receive their box. If this is date specific, there will be a note placed on the box "Do Not Open Until XX/XX". If no date is added, it will ship out as soon as possible.
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If you answer yes to social media tagging, please provide your Instagram and/or Facebook handles.
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What's your birthday (month & date)? We will share a special something on your birthday month!
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