Founding Filmmaker Partnership Program
This form is for potential Founding Filmmaker Partners interested in A Show For A Change’s new mobile content and impact platform. After reading the overview below, please complete this form and contact with any questions. We look forward to reviewing your projects!

For the past year, our global film festival has shown us that audiences around the world are hungry for inspired, engaging content. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our new mobile platform, a subscription-based app that integrates socially conscious films and series with impact. Our cutting-edge platform will enable audiences to watch content that moves them - and support the causes and filmmakers connected to the content they watch.

To get our platform off the ground in early 2019, we’re looking for premium, socially conscious narrative content to share exclusively with our global audience. As a content creator who inspires us, you’re invited to become a Founding Filmmaker Partner of A Show For A Change. This exciting opportunity is only available to select filmmakers for a limited time - so we hope you’ll join us!

Here’s how Founding Filmmaker Partnerships work:

What you give:
1. Original, socially conscious, high-quality narrative content:
We prefer timely short films or episodes that are 3-5 minutes in length, but are open to longer content as well. These projects must be created by you and you must own the rights to them, and they must be character or story-driven. Both non-fictional and fictional projects are welcome. Non-English content is also welcome, but English subtitles are required. Your project should address one or more social issues either directly or indirectly, such as human rights, animal welfare, or environmental protection.

2. Poster, logline, credits, concept art, production stills, and/or trailers:
A poster, logline, and above-the-line credits for your film are required. Everything else is optional, but helps us promote your work.

3. Exclusivity
To maximize impact for our filmmakers, partners, and audience, we prefer to only offer exclusive content on our platform. If this doesn’t work for you, reach out and we can discuss other options.

What you get:
1. Revenue shares based on unique views and global engagement with your content.
We offer a metrics-driven revenue share using a 50/50 net profits split.

2. Earn tips on our platform.
In addition to a revenue share, Filmmaker Partners can earn “tips” directly from their audience, giving filmmakers yet another revenue opportunity.

3. Exposure to a global, premium, engaged audience.
Unlike free distribution channels, our subscription-based audience is passionate about socially conscious narrative content. They’re ready to donate to the causes they care about - and support the filmmakers that inspire them.

4. Partnership opportunities with influencers, non-profits, and brands
We create dedicated, sponsored channels for influencers, non-profits, and brands to accelerate their charitable interests. As a Filmmaker Partner, you’ll be considered for funded opportunities to produce original content for our sponsors and other partners.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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