Application for Foresight Biotech, Molecular Machines, Intelligent Cooperation, XHope Groups
This form is to apply to join one of Foresight's groups, monthly keynotes, and project development in 2021. Please specify which of the groups you're applying to.

Nanotechnology: Molecular Machines Group | A group of nanotechnology-focused scientists and institutional allies who cooperate to advance atomically precise applications in energy, medicine, and materials science toward Feynman’s vision of molecular nanotechnology.

Biotechnology: Health Extension Group | Sponsored by 100 Plus Capital, this group of scientists, entrepreneurs, and institutional allies meets monthly online to cooperate in spurring field-wide progress on technologies that fight aging and increase human healthspan.

Computing: Intelligent Cooperation Group | A group of experts in cs, cryptography, AI, and related fields meet monthly online to cooperate on applying these tools to build a future defined by intelligent cooperation.

Foresight: Existential Hope Group | This group of scientists, innovators, and activists meets monthly to seek crucial opportunities for humanity to leverage high-impact STEM areas for flourishing futures.

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