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Liturgical Ministers are needed for all of our Sunday and Holy Day Masses, and are open to both youth and adults who are in good standing with the Catholic Church. Our hope is that you will prayerfully consider becoming a part of one of these ministries.

The Liturgical Ministries below are available to volunteers and a description of each is included below.

Please complete the email address of the primary family contact first. Then complete the selections for each member of your family. There are only 4 spots per family on this form - should you need to add 5 or more family members, please contact Sallie Ann in the church office at 601-856-5556.
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The Lector Ministry is the lay ministry of the Word.  Those serving in this ministry have the privilege and high honor to welcome those who have come to worship together at Mass, proclaim to them the inspired Word of God in the first and second readings, and read to them the Prayers of the Faithful. Lectors are given both spirituality and procedural training on an annual basis and receive a lectionary containing all of the readings during the liturgical year prior to serving. Lectors are scheduled to proclaim at the Mass times they most often attend and receive notice far enough in advance to appropriately prepare the assigned reading or request a substitute in the event of a scheduling conflict.  Two Lectors are required at each Mass.  
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Group of parishioners* who assist the priests in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass. Some ministers visit parishioners who are home bound, in hospitals, or nursing homes. Those who serve in this ministry consider it a great honor to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to members of our parish. We encourage you to inquire about this very special ministry. (*approval from the Bishop)
Hospitality Ministry
Ministers of Hospitality serve to greet and welcome people as they enter the church for Masses. They distribute Mass aids and other items at the doors, assist parishioners in finding seats in the church and stand ready to offer direction and assistance to visitors and others who need help. This is a great ministry for people who want to get to know their fellow parishioners. They also distribute the offertory baskets, put away the collection and straighten the pews after Mass. Ministers are needed for each weekend Mass. Open to 9th grade and over.
Altar Server Ministry
The ministry of Altar Server is open to anyone ages 10 and over. This is a perfect ministry for a parent and child, brothers and/or sisters, or a couple The primary role of the altar server is to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy during Mass. Two Servers minimum needed for each ordinary Mass.
Sound Board Ministers provide a vital part of the liturgy, enabling the faithful to hear the priests, lectors, musicians, and others who participate during the mass. They also distribute hearing devices to those who want to use them during the liturgy. Each volunteer is scheduled on a rotating basis. Training is provided. One minister is needed for each weekend Mass, funerals, and weddings. We really need more volunteers. If uncomfortable in a group learning environment, one on one instruction is available.
Learn how to run the software to operate the cameras in the church and live stream daily Mass (weekdays at 7 AM), 10:30 Mass on Sunday, and special occasions throughout the year. Training will be provided.
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