Open Letter to Incoming President Fr. O'Brien
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Letter to Fr. O'Brien regarding Charles Koch Foundation Gift
Dear Fr. O'Brien, (copy: President Fr. Engh & Interim Provost Kloppenberg)

When we first learned about your appointment as SCU President, we were thrilled because it was refreshing to see such a strong sense of social justice be part of university governance. However, in light of the recently announced gift from the Charles Koch Foundation, we cannot help but feel disappointed. In an email to faculty and staff, Fr. Engh mentioned that you were included in discussions about this gift. Considering Fr. Engh departs in just one month, we feel it appropriate to address this letter to you.

Charles G. Koch and his brother David H. Koch, popularly known as the "Koch brothers," have donated millions to climate change denial groups that work to stall policies aimed at reducing global warming. These donations are strategic: the brothers have made billions from ownership of their oil corporation, Koch Industries. They not only actively oppose climate legislation but have also committed a whole range of environmental crimes. Koch Industries is responsible for repeated contamination of our soil and water––some even leading to loss of life. Their resistance to federal investigations of environmental violations is well documented and includes spying on government officials involved in lawsuits against Koch Industries.

The scale of the climate threat we face is unimaginable. While our campus does great work on sustainability, we need to think bigger. "A world of worsening food shortages and wildfires, and a mass die-off of coral reefs" is already here. The timeline to global climate catastrophe is now down to 12 years, and given the damage already done, the reality is that there is no more preventing climate change, there is only reducing its impacts. And the Koch brothers have used their wealth and influence to become two of the most powerful people blocking progress on climate change. We are dismayed to see the university accept this gift from the Charles Koch Foundation, the steward of which sources his wealth through the exploitation of our environment – accepting this gift condones how this money was earned.

The harms of environmental injustice are not equally distributed––they disproportionately harm Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and poor folks most severely. The most vulnerable members of our community are already paying the price of disastrous decisions made by people like the Koch brothers. This is what injustice looks like.

Fulfilling Civic Engagement, Ethics, and Diversity cores at SCU, students often learn about mass incarceration in our classes; we also learn about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which has pioneered legislation contributing to the school-to-prison pipeline. What else do we learn? Koch Industries is a key funder and member organization of ALEC, funneling innocent youth of color into for-profit prisons.

Though it seems impossible to discuss the depth and full range of reprehensible acts committed by Charles Koch, we find it necessary to mention that his corporation has donated over $34 million to organizations that attack workers' rights; exact amounts of funding to organizations that lobby for anti-immigrant legislation are unknown but said to be in the millions.

As we ask you to think about the connotations of accepting this gift and associating with the Charles Koch Foundation, we want to tell you what it means for us. Students, staff, and faculty on this campus work tirelessly to help build a better world. Accepting this donation, even as contingent, is demeaning to our identities and struggles and disregards all the exhausting work we do to fight injustice everyday. While we notice Fr. Engh’s effort to assuage concerns of academic freedom in his email to faculty and staff, we wonder how the aforementioned atrocities did not warrant any acknowledgement.

We are aware that colleges and universities across the United States receive gifts from the Charles Koch Foundation. But if Santa Clara University claims to be a leader, we must stop citing instances and patterns of injustice to justify our actions. We did read the agreement, and again, we are aware that the CKF's gift will be used for a Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship run independently from the Foundation. But we remind you of the idea you yourself have taught us to think critically about during your time here thus far: innovating not for the sake of innovating, but innovating for the sake of persons. Innovating to build a more just world. We write to you because we cannot accept that expanding the Foundation’s work and, in essence, Charles Koch’s influence and empire is in line with our commitment to advocacy and social justice.

The onus of fixing this wrong is on you and your administration. We hope you recognize that the humanity of our most vulnerable communities is not up for debate.

Feel free to reach out for sources of the information and data we use in this letter.

ENACT SCU (Santa Clara Community Action Program's Environmental Justice group)


Margarita Levantovskaya (English), Dan Ostrov (Math & CS), David Skinner (History), Lisa Whitfield (Psychology), Erick Ramirez (Philosophy), Mary Long (Math & CS), Stephanie Daffer (Spanish), Robert Michels (Education & Intern Program), Ed Maurer (Civil, Environmental, & Sustainable Engineering), Patt Ness (Theatre), Diane Dreher (English), Tim Urdan (Psychology), Michelle Burnham (English), Ed Schaefer (Math & CS), Emilie Cappella (Modern Languages), Andrew Keener (English), Nina Tanti (Modern Languages), Barbara Kelly (Communication), Robert Michalski (English), Jackie Hendricks (English), Godfrey Mungal (Engineering), Elizabeth Dahlhoff (Biology), Teresa McCollough (Music), Alberto Ribas-Casasayas (Spanish), Emily Fraser (Communication), Derek Duarte (Theatre), Maria Bauluz (Modern Languages), Shannon Vallor (Philosophy), Diane Taylor (Math & CS), Brian McNelis (Chemistry), Claudia Monpere McIsaac (English), Tracey Kahan (Psychology), Marilyn Edelstein (English), Iris Stewart-Frey (Environmental Studies & Science), John Hawley (English), Amir Attia (Art & Art History), Natalie Linnell (Math & CS), Ruth Davis (Computer Engineering & Associate Dean), Kirstyn Leuner (English), Dennis Gordon (Political Science; Center for the Arts & Humanities), John Kennedy (Music), Sarah Kate Wilson (Electrical Engineering), Philip J. Kain (Philosophy), Patti Simone (Psychology & Neuroscience), Kieran Sullivan (Psychology), Amy Randall (History), Anthony Hazard (Ethnic Studies), Diana Gibson (Religious Studies), Karen Peterson-Iyer (Religious Studies), Meilin Chinn (Philosophy), Lisa Kealhofer (Environmental Studies & Science), Lee Panich (Anthropology), Leslie Gray (Environmental Studies & Science), Angela Holzmeister (Classics), Kristin Conard (English), Phyllis Brown (English), Kristin Kusanovich (Theatre & Dance), Robert Numan (Psychology), Donald Davis (Finance), Katy Bruchmann (Psychology), Bruno Tucunduva Ruviaro (Music), Danielle Morgan (English), Matthew Newsom Kerr (History), Michael Lasley (English), Paul Schutz (Religious Studies), Panthea Sepehrband (Mechanical Engineering), Sarita Tamayo-Moraga (Religious Studies), Amy Lueck (English), Scott LaBarge (Philosophy), Laura Nichols (Sociology), Veronica Miranda (Anthropology), Mythri Jegathesan (Anthropology), Chris Bacon (Environmental Studies & Science), Naomi Levy (Political Science; Office of Student Fellowships), Matthew Bell (Psychology), Michelle Bezanson (Anthropology), Jill Pellettieri (Modern Languages), Samantha Grace (Anthropology), Enrique S. Pumar (Sociology), Jean P Soto (Religious Studies), Ryan B Anderson (Anthropology), Barbara Molony (History), Maria Judnick (English), Takeshi Moro (Art & Art History), Erin Bradfield (Philosophy), Richard Scott (Math & CS), Juliana Chang (English), Meg Gudgeirsson (History), Matt Driscoll (English), Kirk Glaser (English), Frank Farris (Math & CS), Paul Semenza (Engineering Management), Matthew Kroot (Anthropology), Robin Tremblay-McGaw (English), Tamsen McGinley (Math & CS), Robin Gair Nelson (Anthropology), Jesica S. Fernandez (Ethnic Studies), Pearl Maria Barros (Religious Studies), Sharmila Lodhia (Women's & Gender Studies), Laurie Poe (Math & CS), Linda Garber (Women's & Gender Studies), Allia I. Griffin (Ethnic Studies), Sonja Mackenzie (Public Health), Michele Parker (Public Health), Brian Thorstenson (Theatre & Dance), Seth Flagsberg (Law), Anna Sampaio (Ethnic Studies; Political Science), Craig Stephens (Biology; Public Health)

Mary Beth Lamb (Jesuit School of Theology), Christine Welter (University Library), Ryvenna Lewis (Markkula Center for Applied Ethics), Nicole Morales (Digital Media Technologies, School of Engineering), Martha Giannini (Human Resources), Kevin Speer (Resident Director, Residence Life), Evan Rabinowitz (University Library), Anthony Raymond (University Library), Katharine Rondthaler (Center for Sustainability), Martin Solorio (University Library), Denise Castillo Chavez (Undergraduate Admissions), Laura M. Moreno (Office of the Registrar), Dustin Tarver (Global Engagement), Eddie Grace (Housing & Conference Services), Wade C Peng (Global Engagement), Julia Claire Santos (Campus Ministry), Sophia Neuhaus (University Library), Judy Anderson-Hamed (ACCESS Card Office), Nicole Branch (University Library), Gabrielle Garrard (Center for Student Involvement), Adora Hoose (Office of the Registrar), Ray Scroggin (University Library; Alumni 1997), Hannah Cooper (Spirituality Facilitator; Campus Ministry), Andrew Lieberman (Miller Center), Brian Washburn (Academic Technology), Maura Bonini (Undergraduate Admissions)

Blair Libby (2016), Julian Peeples (1999), Chaslie Lamas (March 2019), Lauren Valeri (March 2019), Andres Gonzalez (2018), William Pollard (2018), Alexis Diaz (2019), Dillon Foehr (2018), Will Paton (2018), Haley Green (2018), Justyn Li (2018), Chris Nunez, Colin Wood (2006), Andrew Dobbins (2016), Alexander Seto (2018), Jess Seandel (2018), Diane Halcoussis (2017), Amanda Parola (2018), Sylvia Deck (1998), Reza Soltanzad (2018), Rosa Segura (2014), Claire Shields (1987), Julia M. Hagan (1979), Meredith Anderson (2018), Aurora Zahm (2018), Kyle Langdon (2015), Marisa Rudolph (2018), Elias Ishibashi (2014), Sabrina Tu (2017), Kamilah Prentice (2018), Isaac D'Amore Nieblas (2017), Miranda Bartosz (2017), Alaina Boyle (2017), Anne Underwood (2017), Alexander Choulos (2017), Lauren Tetrev (2018), Tora Troop (2012), Marianne Meyers (2016), Margaret Anderson (2013), Adrian Chavez (2017), Victoria Juarez (2018), Julie Granger (1968), Sally Ulmer (2015), Jordan Enos (2016), Jack Kingsman (2017), Isabel Miranda (2017), Beverlyn Law (2018), Sophia Schnitzer (March 2019), Giannina Ong (2018), Nhada Ahmed (2017), Rachel Robles (2018), Lena Eyen (2017), Kripa Sitaraman (2018), Bella Zhang (2018), Steven Parks (2018), Sarah Montgomery (2013), Jon Rast (March 2019), Angelina Poole (2018), Marilynn Escun (2018), Michael Van Hoesen (March 2019), Kathryn Franke (2018), David Lyons (2016),
Josephine Daaboul (2018), Emalee Moore (2018), Grant Chang (2016), Delaney Niehoff (2018), Makinzi Myers (2018), Sonia Cook (2004), Myrna Mungal (2010), Justin Mungal, Matt Ryan (2018), Mark Harrington (2017), Sara Mohr (March 2019), Marina Predovic (2018), Travis Osland (2018), Adriana Ortiz (2018), Kamalaja Rajanala (1993), Warda Ali (2014)

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Vasudha Kumar, Sophia Smith, Jackie Rogers, Tess Rosenberg, Abby Roubal, Sarah Locklin, Cecilia Avelar, Kalen Abe, Nick E., Daniela Balaguera, Matthew Zhang, Carolina Avelar, Victoria Montes, Rosemary Cole, Chelsea Villanueva, Tehmi den Braven, Emma Stinson, Emma McCurry, Samantha Song, Raul Orellana, Zak Graber, Alex Fang, Robert Culkin, Kiran Mahendra Sutaria, Dan Barkhorn, Autumn Imran, Dante Dalla Gasperina, Daniel Mendoza, Kimberly Fernandez, Javier Ortega, Chris Wanis, Ifeanyi Ifediba, Norma Regalado, Benjamin DalFavero, Daisy Luna, Sean Scanlon, Nina Molanphy, Kimberly Grandi Soriano, Lydia Fitzgerald, Liz Fachetti, Angel De Los Santos, Eduardo Ruano, Juliana Trujillo, Sarah Lopez, Grant Mishler, Alondra Torres, Ashley Baillie, Brie Goo, Rachael Han, Jenna Tran, Andrea Feltz, Lauren Serfas, Alexa Rojek, Alexa Correa, Arshi Jujara, Julia Claire Santos, Risheek Priyadarshi, Liam Abbate, Annie Loewen, Zach Cameron, Catherine Moore, Matthew Kiyama, Alexa Williams, Elena Gajewski-Nemes, Marissa Boylan, Shivani Gohil, Isabella T. 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