CATA SR&ED Tax Credits 2020 Survey: Updated for COVID-19
The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance has a long history with SR&ED and remain actively engaged with CRA. We have been gathering recent experiences, data and guidance on the SR&ED program, views on the recent budgetary changes to SR&ED credits and on CRA's efforts to improve their delivery of the incentives by completing through this 2020 SR&ED Survey.

Since the COVID-19 health, economic and liquidity crisis we have received a flood of new concerns, including the efficiency of the program under a remote work environment. Please complete this survey so we can assure our communication with CRA includes your issues and suggestions. We invite you to also provide recommendations of how other programs could support during this time.

Information will not be attributed to respondents without permission.
If you advise and assist companies with the preparation of their company's claims indicate here and please share this survey with your clients.
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Under regular conditions, to what degree (1-not important; 5-very important) have the federal tax credits for SR&ED been important to the growth of your company?
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Prior to COVID-19 did you think that the administration of the program was (check one)
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Could your business live without SR&ED Federal Tax Credits?
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If you checked 1, 2 or 3 above (not important to moderately important) for SR&ED tax credits, and/or indicated that your company could get along without these credits, please check below all the issues about the credits that apply to your company.
Are you concerned that CRA moving to remote work models could slow the claims review/approval process for SR&ED credits? Please explain your concerns and if possible offer solutions. e.g. video conferencing, etc.
What impact would a slowed delivery of SR&ED claims /tax credits have on weathering the COVID-19 crisis?
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Provide more information on the impact of slowed SR&ED claims during COVID-19.
If you have technologies, advice or services that could assist CRA with an efficient remote process please elaborate.
CATA has argued that tax credits and similar incentives can be better designed to support innovation and commercialization - not just SR&ED. In many sectors, It's innovation - not SR&ED - that drives competitiveness. Could there be better forms of tax incentives to help your firm innovate and achieve commercial success? Please comment below:
Would you be interested in further supporting our parliamentary submission in the coming days? This can include sharing a case study re your company & the value of SRED or joining our task force.
Privacy vs endorsement
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Optional - provide a quote supporting CCPC interest free loan expedited based on SRED at 5X average SRED claim. What impact will this have on your company
What special measures and programs would you recommend to help SMEs weather COVID-19?
Can you add any other details to your Survey responses?
Is your company currently using the refundable SR&ED tax credit program?
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Has your company previously used the refundable SR&ED tax credit program?
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Is your company currently preparing its own claims?
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Is your company obtaining assistance in preparing its claims?
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Thank you for your valuable time and collaborative spirit. If you have further information or concerns, forward them to Suzanne Grant, CEO CATA
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