2014-2015 APS Calendar Survey

The APS Calendar Committee is seeking public input as it develops the 2014-15 school year calendar. The committee – made up of parents, community members, principals, union representatives and administrators – wants to know if students, parents, teachers and other school employees would prefer to start the school year later in August and end it after Memorial Day in late May or early June. Currently, the APS school year starts in early August and ends before Memorial Day.

Some things to think about when considering a later start to the school year:
1) The second semester would be much longer than first semester (though second semester does include several testing days). This could impact final exams.
2) High school graduations would be pushed back to later in May (they now typically are held in the middle of May).
3) Spring semester finals would take place after Memorial Day
4) Some weather make-up days, which are now scheduled after Memorial Day, would be pushed into early June.