S.F.E. Return to Building Learning Survey
The School For Excellence is asking families to complete this survey, which includes items related to the specific blended-learning models and remote-learning option announced by the NYC DOE. As you may be aware, the chancellor recently released some updates regarding school re-opening plans in the fall. All schools are now working to develop strategies that reflect the physical capacity of their schools (given social distancing guidelines), the needs of families, and staff considerations.
The current Health and Safety Plan includes the following precautions to be in effect in accordance with the DOE and CDC guidelines.
-Students and staff are required to wear face coverings during the entire school day.
-Students and staff regularly wash their hands.
-Limited visitors and volunteers on campus, which means significantly reduced parent access in the building. Drop off and pick up will be outside.
-The number of students in a classroom at any given time is reduced by at least 50% through alternating schedules.
-School buses will run at half capacity.
-Students will likely spend most of the school day in one classroom spaced 6 feet apart.
-Students will likely not be sharing materials.
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How important is each these items in deciding whether to send your child to school in the Fall? *
Very important (this must be in place before I would send my child to school in-person)
Somewhat important
Not important (this would not affect my decision of whether to send my child to school in-person)
The school is thoroughly cleaned at least once a day.
Materials shared among students are cleaned between uses.
Hand sanitizer is provided in each classroom.
Students' and staffs' temperatures are checked before entering the school.
Staff will be regularly tested for COVID.
A tracing procedure will be implemented anytime someone tests positive for COVID.
Given these conditions--face coverings required, 2-3 days a week in the building, 6-foot social distancing, no shared materials, restrictions on collaborative work and play, limited parental access to the building--which of the following best describes your current thinking? *
If your child receives Special Education services, is your decision in sending your child to school based on your child’s ability to receive in-person Special Education Related Services (Speech, OT, PT, Counseling, Hearing Services)? *
What challenges do you predict your family will face with Remote Learning (at home) this fall? (Check all that apply.) *
What additional information or concerns would you like us to keep in mind when planning for the fall?
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