SEO-Checklist For Your Articles
Please provide below information to optimize your article for one keyword SEO FREE ! We will optimize your article with below provided data for you! Please note this is crucial information for your success and meet the objective of your article.

Please note optimization will be done only for which data had been asked for, please make sure you pass checklist with option "YES" by making changes in article you are going to publish.

Have you checked your article for plagiarism ? *
Plagiarised article affect very badly to your website and product , your article score should be more than 60% at least.There are many website offer services for plagiarism FREE.
What is post title of your article? Please write or rewrite your post title in below textbox. *
The page title should be between the 40 character minimum and maximum 70 characters, any characters after 70 are trimmed by search engines, and your post title displayed half with no meaning
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Have you added meta description? This is must.Please write meta description only up to 150 characters.If not please provide meta description in below textbox.
Its mandatory to mention meta description.Meta descriptions are commonly used on search engine result pages (SERPs) to display preview snippets for a given page.
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Have you added focus keyword in post title in the beginning ?Please write your focus keyword in below textbox. *
The page title MUST contains the focus keyword,It should appear at the beginning of post title; try and move it to the beginning.If you add focus keyword in title it will also get added in URL which is requiered as per SEO rule.
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Have you added any relevant image with alt text in your article? If not Please provide your image link to add in your article. *
Adding appropraite optimized images in articles improve SEO score,consider adding some as appropriate.Make sure you optimize the image before uploading.
Have you added subheading like <h2>,<h3> in your article? Write below if you have not added. *
Subheading tags (like an H2,H3) drastically improve SEO.
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Is your article pass Flesch Reading Ease test ? *
The copy scores 66.4 in the Flesch Reading Ease test, which is considered ok to read.
Is your article is more than 300 words? *
Articles more than the 300 word must minimum.Articles Less than 300 will be deleted from FAS.
Keyword density is between 1%to 3% in your articles? *
The keyword density should be between 1% to 3% only. This is formula of keyword density (No. of Keywords/ Total number of Keywords) * 100
Have you added outbound links? If not add valid outbound links below. *
Add maximum 3 outbound linkes in your article.
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