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Our Vision is “Technical manpower development to build professionally excellent, globally competitive, socially responsible engineers and entrepreneurs with human values”.

The college has excellent infrastructural facilities that include spacious class rooms, tutorial rooms, well equipped laboratories, workshops, drawing halls, seminar halls, digital library, staff rooms, computer center, browsing centre, girls common room, boys common room, E-shikshana room, canteen, transportation and reprographic facility to the students. Along with these, we have well experienced and dedicated faculty, a strong students mentorship program, strong students counselling system in which each student will be attended individually with special care in academics and other co-curricular activities by faculty of JIT.

Jain Institute of Technology, Davanagere is conducting entrance test for PUC students on every Saturday till July 31st of 2020 and offering attractive scholarship for meritorious students.
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1. .The conductivity of semiconductor increases with increase in temperature because *
2. For a transistor amplifier, the voltage gain *
3. An antenna uses electromagnetic waves of frequency 5 MHz. For proper working, the size of the antenna should be *
4. A magnetic needle has a magnetic moment of 5 x 10^-2Am^2 and moment of inertia 8*10^-6 kgm^2. It has a period of oscillation of 2s in a magnetic field ->B. The magnitude of magnetic field is approximately? *
5. A toroid has 500 turns per metre length. If it carries a current of 2 A, the magnetic energy density inside the toroid is *
6. Consider the situation given in figure. The wire AB is slid on the fixed rails with a constant velocity. If the wire AB is replaced by a semicircular wire, the magnitude of the induced current will *
7. The frequency of an alternating current is 50 Hz. What is the minimum time taken by current to reach its peak value from rms value? *
8. The readings of ammeter and voltmeter in the following circuit are respectively *
9. Two metal plates are separated by 2 cm. The potentials of the plates are -10 V and +30 V. The electric field between the two plates is *
10. Though the electron drift velocity is small and electron charge is very small, a conductor can carry an appreciably large current because *
11. capacitor of capacitance C charged by an amount Q is connected in parallel with an uncharged capacitor of capacitance 2C. The final charges on the capacitors are *
12. Masses of three wires of copper are in the ratio 1 : 3 : 5 and their lengths are in the ratio 5 : 3 : 1. The ratio of their electrical resistance are *
13. . f P, Q and R are physical quantities having different dimensions, which of the following combinations can never be a meaningful quantity? *
14. The trajectory of a projectile projected from origin is given by the equation y = x- 2x2 / 5The initial velocity of the projectile is *
15. During inelastic collision between two objects, which of the following quantity always remains conserved? *
16. In Rutherford experiment, for head-on collision of alpha-particles with a gold nucleus, the impact parameter is *
17. . Frequency of revolution of an electron revolving in nth orbit of H-atom is proportional to *
18. A hydrogen atom in ground state absorbs 10.2 eV of energy. The orbital angular momentum of the electron is increased by *
19. The end product of decay of 90Th32 is 82Pb208. The number of alpha and beta particles emitted are respectively *
20. Two protons are kept at a separation of 10nm. Let Fn and Fe be the nuclear force and the electromagnetic force between them *
21. Two particles which are initially at rest move towards each other under the action of their mutual attraction. If their speeds are v and 2v at any instant, then the speed of centre of mass of the system is *
22. A satellite is orbiting close to the earth and has a kinetic energy K. The minimum extra kinetic energy required by it just overcome the gravitation pull of the earth is *
23. A wire is stretched such that its volume remains constant. The poission’s ratio of the material of the wire is *
24. *
Captionless Image
25. Due to Doppler’s effect the shift in wavelength observed is 0.1Å for a star producing wavelength 6000 Å. Velocity of recession of the star will be *
26. A wheel with 10 spokes each of length ‘L’ m is rotated with a uniform angular velocity 'w' in a plane normal to the magnetic field ‘B’. The emf induced between the axle and the rim of the wheel *
27. . A nucleus of mass 20 u emits a g photon of energy 6MeV. If the emission assume to occur when nucleus is free and rest, then the nucleus will have kinetic energy nearest to (take 1 u = 1.6 ´10^ -27 kg) *
28. When electron jumps from n = 4 level to n = 1 level, the angular momentum of electron changes by *
29. The rms value of current in a 50 Hz AC circuit is 6A. The average value of AC current over a cycle is *
30. At certain place, the horizontal component of earth’s magnetic field is 3.0 G and the angle dip at that place is 30°. The magnetic field of earth at that location *
31 If A={x∶x=4n+1 ,2≤n≤5}, then number of subsets of A is *
32. *
Captionless Image
33. An AP consists of 23 terms. If the sum of the three terms in the middle is 141 and the sum of last three terms is 261, then the first term is *
34. If x=2+5i, then the value of the expression x^3-5x^2+33x-49is equal to *
35. If -8≤5x-3<7, then x∈ *
36. The number of signals that can be sent by 6 flags of different colors taking one or more at a time is *
37. The last four digits in the natural number 7^100 are *
38. If the major axis of an ellipse is thrice the minor axis, then its eccentricity is equal to *
39. The orthocenter of the triangle whose vertices are (5,-2),(-1,2)and (1,4) is *
40. The distance of the point A(2,3,2) from the x-axis is *
41. *
Captionless Image
42. The sentence “There are 35 days in a month” is *
43. The image of the point (2,3) on the line x+3y+4=0 is *
44. *
Captionless Image
45. Total number of equivalence relations defined in the set S={a,b,c} is equal to *
46. *
Captionless Image
47. *
Captionless Image
48. *
Captionless Image
49. *
Captionless Image
50. If A and B are symmetric matrices of the same order, then *
51. *
Captionless Image
52. The number of commutative binary operations that can be defined on a set of 2 elements is *
53. Find the area of triangle whose vertices are(-2,6)(3,-6) and (1,5). *
54. *
Captionless Image
55. If the system of equations x+ay-z=0, 2x-y+az=0 and ax+y+2z=0, have non-trivial solutions, then a= *
56. *
Captionless Image
57. *
Captionless Image
58. The value of c in Mean value theorem for the function f(x) = x(x-2) , x ∈ [1,2] is *
59. The distance between the point (1,1) and the tangent to the curve y=e^2x + x^2 drawn at the point x=0 is *
60. *
Captionless Image
61. The position of the point in time ‘t’ is given by x=a+bt-ct^2,y=at+bt^2. Its acceleration at time t is *
62. *
Captionless Image
63. *
Captionless Image
64. *
Captionless Image
65. *
Captionless Image
66. *
Captionless Image
67. *
Captionless Image
68. *
Captionless Image
69. *
Captionless Image
70. *
Captionless Image
71. Which salt can be used to identify coloured cations? *
72. If the nitrogen atom had electronic configuration 1s^7, it would have energy lower than that of the normal ground state configuration 1s^2 2s^2 2p^3, because the electrons would be closer to the nucleus. Yet 1s^7 is not observed because it violates *
73. The unit of specific conductivity is *
74. In carbon-60, all carbon atoms are *
75. Which of the following is called Baeyer’s reagent? *
76. Alkaline KMnO4 solutionNeutral KMnO4 solutionSaturated KMnO4 solutionAcidic KMnO4 solution *
77. The Wurtz-Fittig reaction involves *
78. If electron, hydrogen, helium and neon nuclei are all moving with the velocity of light, then the wavelengths associated with these particles are in the order *
79. How many coulombs of electricity are required for the oxidation of 1 mole of H2O to O2? *
80. Which order is correct in spectrochemical series of ligands? *
81. Which represents Reimer-Tiemann reaction? *
82. The compressibility factor of a gas is less than unity at STP, therefore *
83. Which of the following statements is false? *
84. *
Captionless Image
85. The difference between ∆H and ∆U at constant volume is equal to *
86. How many isomers of C2H11OH will be primary alcohols? *
87. Which of the following is satisfied by an ideal solution? *
88. The geometrical arrangement of electron pairs and shape of I_3^- are respectively *
89. The compound used for the preparation of UF6 in the enrichment of 92 U^235 is *
90. Which of the following statements is true for the electrochemical Daniell cell? *
91. In solid CuSO4.5H2O copper is co-ordinated to *
92. Which one is correct? *
93. The equilibrium constant K_p for the reaction: PCl_5⇌PCl_3+Cl_2 is 1.6 at 200°C. The pressure at which PCl5 will be 50% dissociated at 200° C is *
94. Which of the following statements is correct regarding ease of dehydration of alcohols? *
95. Which of the following carbohydrates is used in silvering of mirrors? *
96. Which of the following metal in the ionic state is smaller in aqueous state ? *
97. The unit of specific conductivity is *
98. In carbon-60, all carbon atoms are *
99. Which of the following is called Baeyer’s reagent? *
100.Roasting and smelting are generally carried out in *
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