FCCNY Board of Directors and Committee Application
FCC of Greater New York is excited to invite members of our community to apply to join our Board of Directors and/or our Committees!

FCCNY was the founding chapter of FCC organizations across the nation- this will be our 28th year, and we're still going strong! We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to adoptees and their families and friends.

*** Please check out FCCNY.ORG/ABOUT for more information and to familiarize yourself with our website. ***

At this time we are looking for new Board and new Committee members from all areas of our community.
We are also looking to diversify our Board and we encourage:
• Adoptive fathers
• Parents of special needs and/or of male adoptees
• Chinese American community members
• Adult Inter-country and/or Transracial Adoptees
to apply.

Board of Director applicants must be able to attend monthly meetings in Manhattan. (We have a summer hiatus.) We have (had) board members from Westchester, Long Island, NJ, and CT.

Committee only applicants should be within the region, but in-person meetings and their frequency are at the discretion of the committee chair.

If you are not in the area but are interested in getting involved with your local community, see if your area has an FCC chapter and reach out to their leadership with your proposal for a project/program. FCCNY does not oversee chapters across the country, but we would be happy to help facilitate connections where possible.

If you are interested in joining us, we would love to hear from you!
Email us at Admin@fccny.org if you have any questions, and check out the FCCNY.ORG website, facebook page and group, instagram, and twitter.

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Email *
CONNECT families formed through adoption from China

CELEBRATE adoptee’s Chinese heritage and identity

EDUCATE others about adoption, parenthood, adoptee experiences, China and Chinese culture

ADVOCATE for adoptees and adoption communities

Expectations & Responsibilities
• for Board of Directors specifically: Actively participate in ~10 Board Meetings a year in Manhattan, usually weekday nights, 2 hours each (no summer meetings)

• Have Active Membership at FCCNY.ORG

• Participate in Committee discussions and plans

• Volunteer

• Be responsive to emails

• Participate in and promote FCC events and engage with community members

• Build the community and openly bring it together

• Learn from each other

Each committee should have 3+ people, with one designated Board Member Chair who is responsible for organizing meetings (conference calls or otherwise) as fit, following up on action points, and delivering reports at Board meetings.

The formation of these committees is not meant to be exclusive to the Board Members on them, only to be more efficient for our Board meetings. It does not mean that other Board Members do not have input.

Board Members must be on at least one committee, but preferably no more than two.

If possible, each committee should have an adoptee member (with the future goal of having an equal number of adoptees and parents on each committee and transition to YA going forward).

Committees can, and should, include members from the community who are not on our Board.
Committee’s goal is to: Minimize erosion of cash balances and attempt to create a break even organization (lower expenses, increased revenues) while still providing programs that support our member families and YA adoptees by:

- Building annual budgets to guide our annual spending
- Developing financial reporting to support board financial decisions
- Fundraising for FCCNY
Committee’s goal is to:
- Partner with other organizations to find synergies to provide support to our members:
   A) Adoption Orgs (AKA, ATN, KAAN, etc)
   B) Asian American Orgs (OCA, Chinatown orgs, CASPY, etc) and
   C) Adoption Agencies (Spence Chapin, Holt, etc.)
- Develop a plan to increase our paid membership.
   - Seek new members and renew old members.
Committee's goal is to: Develop programs which address the needs of our membership within the constraints of our budget. This committee can appoint subcommittees to plan specific programs.

For example:
- Lunar New Year Parade
- Young Adult programs
- Parent Support- mental health, talking about racism (should be self funding)
- Kid events (should be self funding)
- Events partnering with other organizations
Which Committee(s) are you interested in participating in?
Board Members must be on at least One committee, but preferably no more than Two.
Are you interested in being considered for the Board of Directors? *
Further questions or comments should be directed to the Board at Admin@fccny.org
**Please Note** that this application is currently (Oct 2022) out of date by two years and we are undergoing significant organizational changes. At the moment we have our hands full with this transformation and as an all volunteer organization, may not have the full capacity or resources to onboard new board or committee members at this time. We will of course keep your application materials on file and may reach out to you at a much later point in time for updated interest. *
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First and last name
Where are you located? *
What is your connection to FCC? *
If you have children, please describe their relationship to you. *
ie: 12 yr old daughter adopted from China, 20 yr old bio son. (else "none".)
If you are an adoptive parent, when did you last adopt? and from where?
ie: 2005, China.
How involved in FCCNY have you been thus far?   *
If you have not yet met some of us in person, please come out to an event and introduce yourself!
What other Asian American, Adoption, or Nonprofit organizations are you involved in/do you participate in? *
OCA, NYCCC, AKA, Spence Chapin, etc.
What is your educational/professional background and how can you use that in your role with our organization? *
What can you bring to the table?
What are some personal/professional goals you have for joining the FCCNY Board? *
How can we support you?
Thank You for your application! We will be in touch soon!
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