2020-21 GCCS Virtual Programs Application (Grades K-12)
Please complete all sections of this application and submit. Applicants and their parents will be contacted by email to receive next steps, which will include completing the full online registration registration process.

We are currently accepting applications for our two virtual school options, which will begin on July 29, 2020.

Option #1: GCCS mySchool Online

The GCCS mySchool Online model is designed for families who would like to maintain their connection to their enrolled school, but don’t yet feel comfortable sending their student(s) back to school on July 29th. Students will attend school remotely, following the standard school schedule.

This learning model will incorporate many of the features that parents and students valued, such as regular virtual real-time interaction with teachers each day for every class. Parents can rely on teachers to facilitate and guide student learning.

Students will have scheduled times, synchronous class meetings, and digital resources and assignments that can be completed at home. This learning model provides families the flexibility to choose an instructional model to meet their needs during these uncertain times, and reflects our district’s commitment to providing a high-quality instructional experience, no matter what the setting.

Because the GCCS mySchool Online is a public school choice, students must participate in all required state assessments. They may also take part in extracurricular clubs and activities with their assigned school.

Option #2 GCCS Virtual Academy

The GCCS Virtual Academy is a full time virtual school experience. It is ideal for students who wish to have more control over their learning path and pace, and for whom a flexible daily schedule is important. In this learning model, students often work on assignments during non-traditional hours, and maintain contact with their teacher and classmates using web-based class sessions, email, and phone calls.

Greater Clark County Schools offers courses for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade, supported by a team of highly-qualified teachers who offer office hours, Monday through Friday. Enrollment requires a year-long commitment, as well as an adult who can partner with GCCS teachers by serving as the learning coach for the student.

Because the GCCS Virtual Academy is a public school choice, students must participate in all required state assessments. This program does not give students access to extracurricular activities with a GCCS school.

The GCCS Virtual Academy offers accredited courses, access to academic advisement and college planning, and opportunities for advanced coursework. Dual credit courses are available at an additional cost. Graduates
earn a standard high school diploma accepted by colleges, universities, and other postsecondary programs.
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