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For reference, here is the absence policy from the handbook:

It is imperative to our program that all cheerleaders strive for 100% attendance. Certain aspects of our program, like stunting and formations, need every cheerleader present in order to function.

Excused absences/tardies can include, but are not limited to: extreme illness, major family events (vacation, wedding, and funeral), major school related events (to be discussed and determined with coaches), seeking additional help from a teacher, and/or remediation testing. Excused absences/tardies to practice will not result in a punishment, unless they are excessive.

Unexcused absences/tardies can include, but are not limited to: work, nonrequired classes outside of BHS such as Driver's Ed, playing for another cheer club or sport, birthday celebrations, concerts, and/or professional sporting events.

Consequences for unexcused absences/tardies or “no call, no show” include, but are not limited to:
- Missing one practice will result in a reduction of performing time (game or competition)
- Missing two consecutive practices will result in being benched for a performance (game or competition)
- Missing a game/competition will result in sitting out of another game/competition
- Consequences can increase with multiple offenses, which can lead to expulsion from the team
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