Call for Pitches: Local Stories for Audio Under the Stars

Audio Under the Stars, Durham’s summer-long outdoor audio festival, is looking to commission compelling local audio stories. If your pitch is selected, we will work with you to develop your story idea or pitch into a produced audio story that will be played at Audio Under the Stars in the 2018 season. Thanks to a grant, we can offer producers $200 upon completion of the story.

What does local mean?

Local, to us, means showcasing the work of producers who live in North Carolina, whether or not your story takes place here. We are always interested in stories about the South that show the richness and complexity of the region. We would especially like to hear the work and the voices of people who are often under-represented in public radio.

Local stories have always been a priority in past seasons, and are among our most popular pieces. You can listen to three examples here:

On the Bus

Pod of Safety

Simple Dreams

Each story hinges on the personal connections between the main characters, and each brings the listener into a world they might not otherwise ever know.

What kind of story ideas are you looking for?

We're looking for true Southern stories that focus on human relationships, with strong characters, a narrative arc, and a clear sense of what's at stake. Stories can run between 4-12 minutes. We are happy to consider both pitches and pre-produced pieces.

Ready to pitch?

Pitch us with ideas no later than midnight on Friday, December 22. We will work with producers to develop their stories during January and February. The deadline for completing stories will be in March.

You can share your story concept by answering a few simple questions below.

To learn more about Audio Under the Stars, you can visit our website. Questions? Email us at

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