Pre-Registration to Assist with Covid-19 Vaccination POD
Galveston County will begin vaccinating our residents as early as possibly Friday, January 22nd, and certainly by Monday, January 25th. The county will be providing the vaccinations Monday through Saturday for as long as the supply of vaccine is made available. Since the current vaccines require a second dose 28 days after the first dose, it is known that this process will be on-going and require many hours of service to meet the needs to provide these vaccines.
CERT and LC VIP is being asked to assist in traffic control, and registration at Walter Hall Park in League City. The POD may be open for operation Monday through Saturday for the for-seeable future, and the times of operations may be 7 am - possibly as late as 5 pm. We are hoping to provide 10 volunteers to assist with operations and logistics at the park each day of operation.
The County will provide water and meals to all volunteers.
I am asking you to Pre-register so that I know who is willing to try and schedule time to assist in POD operations. I need to know if you are available on weekdays, or on Saturdays. I need to know what hours you would be willing to work. I need to know if you are willing to work with the public to assist in completing paperwork if they need help with the forms, or if you are only willing to work 6 feet or more away from others.
Thank you for taking time to help me get an idea of the service that CERT members are willing to provide during this difficult time. Please complete the pre-registration form here to help us make commitments to the County's response.
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I would like to help individuals complete the registration paperwork and do not mind the close proximity to others as long as I have the PPE to protect myself and others. *
I would prefer to stay at least 6 feet away from others while I am working at the POD *
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