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** Extended Deadline: Wednesday 12th of June 23:59**

Dear applicant,

As you might know, AiMUN is the board that organises trips to Model United Nations conferences around Europe. The board chooses the MUNs we go to and how many delegates we take, chooses what delegates we can pay the delegate fee for, prepares the delegates for the conferences, makes the travel plans for the delegates and usually at least 1 board member also goes to the conference. Besides conferences, we also host lectures, borrels and shorter (day) trips!

Currently, AiMUN is looking for five new people to join the board of 2018/2019. Maxime, our previous delegate manager, and general board member will become chair and is looking for a secretary, a public relations manager, a treasurer, delegate manager, and an event manager. All these positions require someone who is organised, and will keep up with communications, both external and internal. This means checking in with the board and the email or Facebook messenger once a day or more.

The Secretary
- Maintains the AiMUN email
- Is responsible for most communication to external parties
- Keeps the board up to date on communication with outside parties
- Records minutes of board meetings

The PR Manager
- Maintains the AiMUN Facebook account
- Promotes events, conferences, applications, etc.
- Makes posters and good-looking facebook posts (visual arts skills are very useful)

The Treasurer
- Manages the budget and reimbursements
- Organizes and researches travel and accommodation options for the trips
- Books travel and accommodation together with the AUCSA treasurer

The Delegate Manager
- Researches the conferences AiMUN may or does go to
- Prepares delegates for the conferences
- Manages part of the communication with the delegates

The Event Manager
- Organizes events outside of the conferences, including lectures, borrels and (day)trips
- Can come up with their own ideas for new events

Interviews will be on June 13rth, 14th and 17th/18th, so keep that in mind! You'll get a doodle to schedule your interview after the deadline!

We look forward to receiving your application! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have via Facebook, email or in person!

** Extended Deadline: Wednesday 12th of June 23:59**

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