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**PROFESSIONAL...character, conduct and dress must be maintained at all times by leaders. We are role models and take our responsibilities in dealing with Nexus Kids very seriously. Leaders are to be loyal to the ministry team, leadership and the vision of the church. They are expected to attend church regularly and also attend regular Nexus Kids meetings. All leaders must complete this application process and hold a current blue card. ** required for all children who participate in our programs. Children must be signed in and out on each occasion. Parents, invited guests or visitors who wish to enter the venue must complete the sign in register and wear a visitor’s pass. **OBSERVE… and report unusual behaviour in children or adults to the Children’s Pastors. This enables problems to be dealt with promptly ensuring our children are kept safe and are pastorally cared for. If you notice anything ‘out of place’ in the Kids Church venue, speak to one of the Children’s Pastors immediately. **TWO LEADERS...are required at all times for toileting children, counselling or any other reason that requires a child to be separated from their group. **EXCURSIONS... and outings are conducted as part of the Children’s Ministry program at various times. Children must be accompanied by no less than two leaders who are not family members. It is essential that potential risks are assessed and managed appropriately using correct procedures so that the safety of children and leaders is maintained. Furthermore, in the advent of an accident it is important that due care by leaders can be demonstrated. Signed permission forms are required for all children attending. Where transport by vehicle is involved licenses of drivers must be checked by the Children’s Pastors to ensure they are valid for the class of vehicle being driven. **CHILD ABUSE... is something that we take seriously. It is our responsibility to act at all times in the best interests of the child. We must also be continually aware that abuse is illegal and we have no authority, nor justification, to act independently of authorities. If a child discloses or implies a physical or sexual abuse, let them talk but DO NOT ask questions. Reassure the child that they have done the right thing and you will help them. Pray with them. NEVER promise the child that you will not tell anyone. You are obliged to inform the Children’s Pastor of the incident. They will report it to the appropriate authorities – internal and external. As soon as possible write down all information. This should include the name of the child/date/time/length of discussion, and everything you have been told by the child. (Use Child Abuse Report available from the Children’s Pastor). **TOILETING... is an area that requires a great deal of precaution. Leaders will not be asked to change nappies. This is the parents’ responsibility and they must be contacted to attend to their child’s needs. Children are to be toileted prior to program commencement by their parents. Should the need arise to toilet a child; children 7yrs and under must be accompanied by 2 leaders who are not related to each other (one must be over the age of 18). The venue has its own toilets and is locked down during activities, therefore, children in Yrs 2-6 may go in groups of 3 to the toilet. They must obtain permission from a leader before they go and must also notify the same leader when they return. Parents must only accompany their own child into the toilets. Toileting of other children is solely the responsibility of children’s church leaders.
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By writing your name in the box below you make the following declaration: "I have read and understood the Nexus Kids Policy and Procedures for Child Protection as detailed earlier in this form. I am willing to abide by these polices and work under the supervision of church leadership. I declare that I have not been charged with any criminal offences relating to the physical or sexual abuse of children. I agree that my Pastor may make enquiries to confirm police records and he/she may contact referees to establish my suitability for involvement in ministry to children."
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