TMF Volunteer Application
Adult volunteer application to be filled out by those 18 years and older.
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Tell Us About Yourself
TMF partners with volunteers from a variety of locations and organizations. We consider all of our volunteers through the lens of our vision to Remember, Restore and Reconcile. Please consider these next questions honestly as you and TMF determine what will be a good fit for you within the context of our vision and project needs.
Organization Affiliation
Please give the name of the volunteer, religious or other type of organization you are connected with. If not applicable, please skip to the next question.
Why choose TMF? *
Please give 3–7 sentences in response to the following questions:  1) How did you hear about TMF and our project(s);  2) What is your reason for choosing to volunteer with TMF;  and 3) What interests you in our project(s).
What abilities and/or skills do you bring to the team? *
Please describe, in 3–7 sentences, any professional and/or spiritual abilities, skill sets, or areas of expertise you possess.
Physical Limitations *
Many of TMF's projects involve strenuous physical labor. Please describe, in 3–7 sentences, any physical limitations you have or foresee when traveling and working with TMF.
Emotional Stressors *
Traveling overseas for short projects creates a challenging environment. Please describe, in 3–7 sentences, any stresses you are experiencing now or foresee.
3 Personal References
Thank you for your interest to volunteer with TMF! After you submit this form, we ask for three references. We ask for at least one reference who has supervised you, such as an employer, manager, rabbi, priest or pastor. The other two references can be from non-family members who have known you for at least two years. Once we receive your application form and 2 references, we will contact you to discuss your fit on our upcoming project(s). The link to our TMF Reference Form can be found on the TMF Application page at below the link for the TMF Volunteer Application. We look forward to hearing from you!
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