Creekside Student Survey
Thank you students for taking a couple minutes to answer some very important questions that will help our school become a better place in the future. Please answer as honestly as you can. Thanks for your help!
Which one of these are you?
Which one of these are you in right now?
Which of these fits you?
I feel safe at school...
Safety Location
I do NOT feel safe in the following places. Check any that apply.
Adults Caring For Me
I feel comfortable seeking help from these people. Check all that apply.
Learning Environment
I understand what my teacher wants me to do.
Learning Environment
My teacher tells me what I'm good at and what I need to work on.
Learning Environment
The learning I do and the work I must complete I feel is:
I spend about this much time on homework each night:
Learning Progress
I have learned a lot in the following subjects:
Teacher Communication
My teacher tells me how I am doing on my work by:
Teacher Communication
My teacher takes time to answer my questions clearly.
Bullying Frequency
How often have you witnessed or been a victim of bullying?
Bullying Type
Check the type(s) of bullying you have had done to you or that you have seen happen to others.
What have you gained most from having DEAL?
Your answer
Overall Rating
I enjoy coming to school and being a part of Creekside.
Improvement Areas
What is one improvement you'd like to see at Creekside?
Your answer
What is the best thing about Creekside?
Your answer
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