Drum Commission Form - Karen Kliethermes
Interested in having a hand drum specially painted just for you? Well, you have come to the right place! This form will provide me all of the information I will need from you for me to create your masterpiece! :)
In addition to this form, I will also need at least decent images of the pet(s)/human(s)/subject(s) or inspirational images for me to reference/use, which you can email to: karen.kliethermes@gmail.com
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What are you wanting Karen to paint on your drum? Please include any and all detail here of what you want/don't want--the more details Karen has about what you want for your commission, the more helpful it is for her to paint what you're looking for! All reference photo(s) can be emailed to Karen at: karen.kliethermes@gmail.com
Payment really vary on what you are wanting painted on your drum; how much time it will take to paint, how complicated the content is, how much the painting will need to be imagined versus direct representation with provided reference images all impact the price.
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Are you providing me with a drum to paint on?
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(If Karen is providing the drum) What drum size would you like? *
(If Karen is providing the drum) What drum color would you like me to paint on? *
What date would you like your commission completed? (The requested time must be at least two weeks after this form is completed and your payment received) *
How would you like to receive your commission? *
Karen will require at least a 50% down payment of the agreed price to start the commission, and will accept the second payment after she sends you a photo of the completed piece. Would you like to pay two separate payments, or would you prefer to pay the piece in full now? *
What is your preferred method of payment? (Keep in mind that handed cash/check will work for second payments if meeting Karen in person for the final exhange) *
Please read the text in the image below, and check the box below to show that you have read, understood, and agree to these terms. *
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