Evaluating Professional Learning
The questions on this form are based on criteria for High-quality Professional Learning created by a task force of Montana experts in the development of professional learning. These general criteria can be applied to the development and delivery of face-to-face, blended, and online professional learning in a variety of settings by any individual or entity that develops and provides professional learning for Montana educators.
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Content: High-quality professional learning focuses on content *
Should include: emphasis on the subject matter of the professional learning, specifies the changes in teaching practice that were modeled and/or demonstrated, specifies goals for student learning, emphasizes the ways students learn subject-matter content
Active Learning: High-quality professional learning focuses on active learning: *
Should include: observation of best instructional practices, opportunity to practice best instructional practices, planning time for classroom implementation, and review of student work
Coherence: High-quality professional learning is coherent *
Should: build on what teachers have already learned - emphasizes content and instruction aligned with Montana content standards, local curriculum and assessments - supports teachers in developing sustained, ongoing professional communication with other teachers
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