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We look forward to having you and your family join us for one or several of the Bible classes listed below. For planning purposes please sign up for the classes you would like to attend by writing the names of the individuals who will be taking each class in the box under the title and description of the class they plan to attend. For Sunday School please also list the grade level next to each child's name. On arrival parents will be asked to fill out a more detailed Sunday School registration form.
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Sunday Family Bible Class
This class meets in the school gym Sundays at 9:15 am starting September 13 and is open to adults and students in grades 6 through 12. (Younger students may attend the class with parents or attend Sunday School.) This school year we will study Paul’s letters to the Corinthians. As we go about long-term planning at St. Lucas (see below) we will see that many of the issues to planning and ministry that the church faces today are addressed in these letters. We pray this study will be beneficial for providing biblical focus and vision to our ministries to our families and congregation.
Sunday School For Children
These classes meet in the school Sundays at 9:15 am starting September 13 and are open to tudents in grades PreK3 and 4 through 5. Students will learn Old Testament and New Testament accounts that will review God’s promise to send to a fallen world a Savior from sin and see that promise fulfilled in the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.
Tuesday/Thursday Bible Hour
This class meets in the school meeting room Tuesdays at 6:30 pm or Thursdays at 10 am starting September 15 or 17 and is open to adults and children with parents. The Book of Genesis Bible study will provide participants with an overview of the themes of Genesis with applications to life in the world today.  Major topics considered in the Bible study will include: Creation, the fall into sin and the promise of a Savior, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, the life of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, and the life of Joseph.
Public School Confirmation Class
This class meets in the school meeting room Wednesdays at 3:30 pm starting September 16 and is open to public school students in grades 6-8. This class instructs students in the chief teaching of the Christian church in preparation for their 8th grade confirmation. Parents will receive a letter in the mail the week of August 23 with more details .
Long-Range Planning Bible Study
This class meets in the school meeting room Thursdays at 6:30 pm starting September 17 and is open to any confirmed member interested in long-term planning at St. Lucas. This six week class is required for anyone who is interested in being part of the long-range planning task force that was announced in the 2020/2021 ministry plan. This class will give biblical insight and focus to this task force’s work of helping the congregation develop a five to seven-year long-range plan for the congregation.
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