CO-FAB 2019 | Recipient Application
As a growing, innovative non-profit organization, Form5 Prosthetics is on a mission to reinvent prosthetics and the world's perspective on disabilities!

CO-FAB by Form5 Prosthetics is a workshop that will support and cultivate an environment to connect, create, and fabricate assistive devices designed by, and for, those with limb-loss. This revolutionary workshop will allow recipients to be completely interactive in the creation of their own 3-D printed prosthesis.

During this four day workshop (November 8th-11th, 2019), the five chosen individuals with limb-loss and a selective group of college interns, will work together with the power of 3-D printing to connect, create, and fabricate life-changing prosthetic devices.
Learn more about CO-FAB by visiting,

Through our CO-FAB workshop recipients have the opportunity to turn their ideas into prosthetics!
Are you someone with upper limb-loss who has a profession, passion, or hobby that you need a task-specific prosthesis for? If you have an idea for your prosthesis, we'll help you fabricate it!
Please introduce yourself in a short video (2-3 min) and share with us your idea for your prosthesis! Upload below.

Have questions? Email info [at] form5prostheticsinc [dot] org.

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