Part 2: CHS MST Magnet Program Application
What do I need before applying?
The application process consists of several components. Please be sure to gather all of the following information prior to beginning work on this. You will not be able to save your application and return at a later time to continue it. You will need:

Part 1: Your contact information
Home address, personal email

Part 2: Parent/guardian contact information
Parent/guardian address, emails, and phone numbers.

Part 3: Application Questions
It's helpful to draft these responses in a document then cut and
paste the final answers into your application. This will allow you
the time to craft well thought out and edited responses. Here are
the questions:

1. How have you demonstrated your interest in science, mathematics and technology beyond your normal school classes (150 words)?
2. Describe in detail a situation where you have demonstrated responsibility and leadership (150 words).
3. List any academic and non-academic extracurricular activities in which you have participated (150 words).
4. Research a global dilemma or issue facing our society (other than global warming/climate change). Discuss at least two possible solutions that incorporate technology/science to help solve the problem (500 words).

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