Global Adaptation Month 2021 -Planning Committee Application
Deadline: October 31, 2020 .

Global Adaptation Month (GAMeOn!) is an annual virtual campaign to promote adaptation action, awareness and accountability for individuals, classrooms, businesses, governments around the world. To ensure its success, GAMeOn! is developed with the help of an international planning committee. We are now opening applications to join this exciting planning process for the next Global Adaptation Month to take place April 2021.

Advantages to joining the GAMeOn! Committee:
-Gain global exposure for your organization and elevate your work,
-Network and collaborate with adaptation experts from around the world,
-Connect with a variety of organizations, governments, and individuals working in the field,
-Facilitate action-oriented, accountable, adaptation.
-Help shape a world-wide movement

Outlined below are the duties of committee members:
- Participates in monthly planning meetings (October 2020-May 2021)
- Develops the priority themes and topics for the month
- Assists in recruitment of global adaptation commitments and partnerships
- Assists in fundraising and sponsor recruitment
- Assists with GAMeOn! outreach and promotion
- Time commitment 2-3 hours a month
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