Karla Brandenburg Pre-Order Form
Are you attending a book signing where I will be in attendance? Would you also like to own paperback copies of the Epitaph Series, The Northwest Suburbs Series, or the Mist Series? Here's your chance. The books will be waiting for you and I’ll sign them for you when I see you. For more about my books, visit my webpage at https://www.KarlaBrandenburg.com

Hillendale Series
Family Alchemy - $10.00
Unintended Consequences - $10.00

The Epitaph Series
Epitaph - $10.00
The Twins - $10.00
The Mirror - $10.00
The Architect - $10.00
The Selkie - $10.00
The Sculptor - $10.00
The Garden - $10.00
Get all 7 books in the Epitaph series for $50.00 (regular price $70.00)

Northwest Suburbs Series
Cookie Therapy - $10.00
Return to Hoffman Grove - $10.00
Living Canvas - $10.00
Get 3 books in the Northwest Suburbs Series (Touched by the Sun not included) for $21.00 (regular price $30.00)

Mist (Kundigerin) Trilogy
Mist on the Meadow - $10.00
Gathering Mist - $10.00
Rising Mist - $10.00
Get all three books in the Mist Trilogy for $21.00 (regular price $30.00)

Heart for Rent, With an Option - $10.00
While We Were Shopping - $10.00
Coyote Legacy: A Canyon Legends Fantasy

*Please note - These prices are only for pre-order books for signings and MUST be picked up at the signing. If you can no longer attend, it’s your responsibility to arrange for someone else to pick up your books. If you need them sent to you, please contact me.

Invoices will be sent three weeks prior to the event and must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the signing via Paypal.

There will be limited paperbacks available during the signing so make sure you pre-order yours today to avoid disappointment.

I am looking forward to meeting you and snapping a couple of pictures of us together.
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