Volunteer Application Form
If you are interested in (or ready to commit to) one or more roles with HPREP, please fill out this form. If you would rather wait to attend an info session to learn more about the roles, please RSVP to a session and fill this application out afterwards. This form is due October 8th.

Briefly, the roles we have available are:

* Mentoring: Work one-on-one with a student every Saturday 2:00-4:00pm for 9 total weeks.

* Pod/Group Leading (Mentoring): Lead interactive group activities and oversee one-on-one activities for a small group of mentors and mentees (8-10 mentor-mentee pairs) every Saturday 2:00-4:00pm for 9 total weeks.

* Teaching & Curriculum: Teach a class, develop a curriculum, or help facilitate a lab/lecture. The commitment level varies depending on the role you choose, but at a minimum 1-2 hours of class time + two practice lecture meetings.

* Other on-site work: We have volunteers on-site every week coordinating logistics, taking pictures for the media team, or helping with workshops or other special events.

* Behind-the-scenes work: You can help HPREP behind-the-scenes, and more on your own time, with application reading, website management, grant-writing, alumni tracking, or special events planning.

* Executive Committee: There are several committees that need additional leaders! Committee Directors are involved in coordinating all of the committee's tasks and volunteers, and can be part of the Executive Committee, our HPREP-wide leadership team.

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Note on the Application
To complete the form, you will be asked in sequential order which roles you would like to apply for: 1) Mentoring 2) Pod/Group Leading, 3) Teaching, 4) Onsite Work, 5) Behind-the-scenes Work, and 6) Leadership.

For each "yes," the form will navigate you to the respective application. For each "no," the form will skip that one section. Please feel free to apply to as many roles as you are willing to commit to.

Mentoring/Group Leading
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