On Manifesting, holding intentions, and living the life for which you long
For a long time, I have been interested in what is meant by "manifesting," "holding intentions," "heart's desires," and other expressions of dream realization.  

With that in mind, I am embarking on a writing project to explore different perspectives and understandings of these themes. This project is a way for me to integrate my decades long dance and movement practice with my writing and coaching/facilitation offerings.

Collaborative inquiry is an important part of this project. This survey is both a request for your input, and an invitation to explore what dream realization/holding intentions means to you. I believe that you will have new insights and awareness as you reflect on these questions.  In that spirit, it would be beneficial to give yourself some time to fill in the survey, if possible.

Your responses are anonymous unless you choose to provide your name/email at the end.

Thank you for filling this out, and for sharing your reflections on this rich and potentially complex topic!
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1. How strongly do you agree with this statement: "I am in touch with my heart's desires/deepest hopes and dreams." *
not at all
2. How strongly do you agree with this statement: "I believe that it is possible for my heart's desires to come to fruition." *
not at all
3. How strongly do you agree with this statement:  "I believe I deserve to have my heart's desires fulfilled." *
not at all
4. How strongly do you agree with this statement: "I believe everyone deserves to have their dreams come true." *
not at all
5. How frequently does this statement feel relatable: "I find myself bracing for disappointment?" *
all the time
6. To what degree do experiences of your past (recent or not) impact your sense of possibility about the future? *
not at all
7.  How? (please feel free to share an example) *
8. In challenging moments, how often have you felt alone in what you are experiencing? *
all the time
9.  In challenging moments, to what degree have you felt that others are curious about what you are experiencing? *
not at all
10. To what degree do the following statements feel strongly resonant/true for you (0= not at all, 6 =completely ) *
"I am hopeful about my ability to be successful in the things that matter most to me"
"I am comfortable with uncertainty"
"I am worthy of goodness"
"I am damaged goods"
"I have a hard time staying motivated without deadlines"
"I find it best to manage my expectations, so I won't be disappointed"
"I feel joyful about the course of my life"
"I see others succeed, and I don't believe it will happen for me"
"What is supposed to happen will happen"
"It is important to me to be connected to the divine/the universe/spirit"
"I find myself waiting for the other shoe to fall"
"I set intentions to fulfill my heart's desires"
"I believe that setting intentions is important to fulfilling my heart's desires"
"I believe that setting intentions jinxes the fulfillment of my heart's desires "
"My thoughts determine my reality"
11. Is "manifesting" a word that you relate to? *
If so, what does it mean to you? If not, please put N/A. *
12. Is "surrendering" a word that you relate to? *
If so, what does it mean to you? If not, please put N/A. *
13. If you had a magic wand, what would you most want to create in your life?  What stands in the way? *
14. Please check any and all of the following that are part of your weekly routines. *
15. As you reflect on these questions, is there something more that you'd like to share (I would love to hear!)?
Would you be willing to share your age?
Would you be willing to share your gender identity?
Would you be willing to share your racial/ethnic/cultural identity?
Would you be willing to participate in an interview or small group gathering to discuss these themes in more detail?    
  If so, please provide your contact info below.
Would you be interested in receiving an email with a short summary of the survey results?                                                                                             *
If so, please provide your email here. If not, please put N/A  (this survey doesn't auto-collect emails)
Thank you for participating!
About Sasha
Sasha Soreff is a New York City-based choreographer, writer, trauma-informed transformational coach, and resonant movement facilitator. As a coach, she supports clients to relish their visions and, with warmth and steadfastness, transform obstacles into resources in the service of their visions. As the creator of Empathy/Movement workshops, Sasha weaves relational neuroscience, somatic movement, and transformational principles together to support participants to discover deep self-connection, soulful expression, and powerful, life-enhancing insights.  

As Artistic Director of Sasha Soreff Dance Theater for two decades, Sasha has generated opportunities for audiences to participate in multigenerational performance on stage and in community. She teaches contemporary and performance workshops at Gibney Dance and is a guest teacher at NYU Langone’s Initiative for Women with Disabilities.  A Maine native, Sasha has a High School diploma with a concentration in modern dance from North Carolina School of the Arts, and a BA from Barnard College.  

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about this project, please contact Sasha at sashasoreff@gmail.com; 212.501.2425

Survey content created by Sasha Soreff, 2022.
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