KKOOM Volunteer-led Project (VLP) Proposal
Please type in English using complete sentences, unless otherwise indicated.
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Applicant Personal Information
First and Last Name *
Email *
Phone Number *
Mobile phone number in Korea preferable
Mailing Address
If you are in Korea, type the address in Korean, if you are able.
What is your full-time job in South Korea?
What type of Korean visa do you have?
When does your Korean visa expire?
How long have you been living in South Korea?
Bank Name *
(i.e., Name of bank you use in South Korea. Required to fund projects for successful applicants.)
Bank Account Number *
(Required to fund projects for successful applicants.)
I attest that at the time of this application, I lawfully reside in South Korea, am a native speaker of English, have at least basic knowledge of the Korean language, have been volunteering at the orphanage or group home for which this application is submitted for at least one month, and have not been charged or convicted of any felonies and/or misdemeanors in South Korea, the United States, or elsewhere. *
Orphanage/Group Contact Information
Type the names and addresses in this section in Korean, if you are able.
Orphanage Name
Orphanage Mailing Address
Orphanage Website URL
Orphanage Staff Contact Person Name
Orphanage Staff Contact Person Phone Number
Please provide two references. The first must be someone who resides in South Korea whom you have known for a minimum of 3 months and the other must be someone that you have known for a minimum of 2 years (need not reside in South Korea).
Name 1
Email Address 1
Phone Number 1
How you know him/her
Name 2
Email Address 2
Phone Number 2
How you know him/her
Application Details
Feel free to send additional information as electronic attachments to info@kkoom.org with "VLP Application Materials" in the subject line.
A. Please describe the orphanage/group home where you intend to execute the project and your current work there. *
B. If approved, please give details about how you intend to use the money (who, what, when, where, why, how). What, if any, are the perceived long-term impacts? *
C. Give a dollar amount requested (in Korean won, up to 500,000 krw) and a proposed budget detailing how the funds will be spent. *
D. Please discuss how your project promotes the KKOOM mission. *
KKOOM mission: "Improving the lives of Korean orphans through outreach and education."
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