2019-20 UAB Partnership Form
The University Activities Board (UAB) is a student driven department at Michigan State University (MSU) that programs events for undergraduate students. We are excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with student organizations, offices and departments on campus. If you are interested in collaborating with us please fill out this form with details.

As an MSU Department, we have a few guidelines that need to be followed, including:

The event must be planned in collaboration with a UAB Director and Advisor. We strive for equitable collaborations which begin from event idea generation to the execution of the event.

Regular meeting times must be set up between both organizations. The first meeting will be used to discuss responsibilities, contributions and expectations with the remaining meetings to plan and coordinate the event.

The event must be open and advertised to the entire MSU student body.

Events are FREE.

Only MSU students, faculty, and staff with a MSU ID may attend; each attendee may bring one (1) guest with ID.

The event may NOT be used as a fundraising event.

Items may not be sold during the event unless an artist/entertainer brings items.

All event logistics must be discussed between partners prior to the event. Logistics can include, but are not limited to: venue, catering, decor, marketing, verbiage, etc.

All contracts must be signed before marketing and promoting the event and reviewed by a UAB advisor.

UAB operates on strict marketing deadlines beginning 7 weeks before the event

All advertising for the event must be reviewed and approved by a UAB Advisor before distribution (i.e. posters, website, etc).

Resources that UAB can provide for a partnered event:
• Event planning expertise
• Marketing and advertising including table tents, e-mail listserv, posters, flyers, website, social media, etc.
• Fun and friendly volunteers
• Access to a wide variety of venue spaces with little to no cost
• Access to a wide variety of sound and lighting depending on venue and budget
• Sound and lighting system (varies by venue)
• Security
• Facility services (room set-up, custodial, etc.)
• Financial

Resource suggestions that UAB may ask of you
• Equal contribution to the event planning and programming process
• Ability to provide volunteers for the event
• Attendance at the setup, duration of, and clean-up for the event
• Additional promotion of the event
• Open, frequent, and consistent communication throughout the event planning and programming process
• A designated contact person(s)
• Flexibility in terms of scheduling and communication

*All partnerships pending upon completion of partnership agreement*
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Important Note: Event date must be at least 7 weeks from the date of this application to allow for planning/marketing
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