Handsteco Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled hand hygiene systems-request of quotes.
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Medic-lead's team dedicates resources and talents to understanding the needs of our clients and developing the most appropriate and effective hand hygiene solutions to achieve compliance and infection control.

Handsteco ™ is an internationally registered trademark owned by Medic-lead ltd.
(International patent application: PCT / GB2020 / 051099 pending)

1.Why Handsteco ™ AI-IoT is more than electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring device?

Handsteco ™AI-IoT enabled wash basin and hand sanitiser dispenser:

Helps you achieve real time 100% WHO hand hygiene technique compliance for every hand wash episode every staff/user every time for real time infection prevention unlike other electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring systems designed to give retrospective compliance data to assess the need of retraining and auditing.

Handsteco ™ AI-IoT enabled hand hygiene systems include wash basin console integrated faucet for installing on any wash basin sink in hospital wards, patient rooms, out patients department or treatment rooms.

Only custom packaged hand hygiene product cartridges such as hand wash basins, sanitisers and moisturisers can be attached to the Handsteco™ commercial wash basin console. They are manufactured by us or our partners and are offered through retail channels.

Custom packaging for hand hygiene products manufactured by us is made from 100% biodegradable material based on cardboard.
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Initial Discount offer:

Handsteco ™AI-IoT enabled wash basin console has been priced at $9,995 and AI-IoT enabled hand sanitiser dispenser at $7495 (prices do not include taxes, shipping charges and are subjected to change).

We are launching discount offer of 25% for all registration for quotes and expression of interests received till 31.03.2021

Medic-lead ltd hand hygiene product portfolio is designed to provide our health care industry customers with comprehensive range of products and services.

Medic-lead ltd would help hospitals and care homes to design cost effective hand hygiene contract packages which will be in the form of managed service contract/ subscription service/lease over a period.

Priority would be given to hospitals and care homes which submit the registrations for full service contract with Medic-lead ltd on first come first served basis.

Once submission is received Medic-lead ltd will inform in writing which institutes would be included in the discount scheme.

Medic-lead ltd unique and innovative Hand hygiene as a subscription Service (HhasS): Handsteco ™AI-IoT enabled wash basin console, AI-IoT enabled hand sanitiser dispenser when installed in wards, patient rooms could be networked together for achieving real time 100% WHO hand hygiene compliance for every health care staff and visitor.
Our Healthcare industry customers (hospitals, care homes) could also benefit from automating data collection for their staff hand hygiene compliance audits.

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Manufacturing of the Handsteco™hand hygiene systems will begin in 2021.
Please email us for payment details, T&C or other policy details.

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Handsteco AI-IoT enabled hospital grade wash basin
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