2017-18 LaunchX Clubs Mentor Application
LaunchX equips high school students with the skills and mindset to start real companies.

Our clubs program expands the reach of high school entrepreneurship to students and schools everywhere. We hand our curriculum off to motivated and forward-thinking teens so they can build a startup throughout the school year, supported by our detailed programming, resources, and mentorship.

Who: You will be mentoring local high school student teams.
What: You will be giving students advice on their startups (yes, real startups). We will give students milestones that they must hit each month, and that will be tracked on our progress platform. They will seek you for advice, feedback, and direction on next steps.
When: Once a month, virtually (skype, zoom) at your convenience. You will also have access to the tracking platform that students are using so you can monitor the material that they are submitting. You will communicate with your team on the best times/days to speak.
Where: From the comfort of your own home!
How: Fill out this application. You will get an e-mail in the coming weeks featuring an introductory video and next steps. You will be paired with a high school and will begin mentoring in October.

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