Rhode Island Artist Survey 2019
This survey is intended to gauge the market for work by Rhode Island artists. The goal is to gain a better sense of the strengths and weaknesses of the marketplace for original art in Rhode Island as seen through the eyes of our artists.

All answers are anonymous and the survey should take approximately 3 minutes to complete. This survey will be accessible until March 31, 2019. Your participation is appreciated!

This survey was prepared by Michael Rose Fine Art and, should enough participants partake, the results will be shared at www.michaelrosefineart.com/blog in April of 2019.

Are you a resident of Rhode Island? *
How old are you? *
What is the highest level of education you have completed? *
Approximately how many original artworks did you sell in 2018?
Approximately what were your total sales of artwork in 2018 prior to any applicable commissions by galleries, dealers, etc.? *
What was the approximate average price point of works you sold in 2018? *
Are you represented by any commercial galleries, dealers, or brokers within the State? *
Are you represented by any commercial galleries, dealers, or brokers outside of Rhode Island? *
Are you a member of an art association or cooperative within the State? *
This would include organizations like: the Warwick Center for the Arts, the Bristol Art Museum, the Pawtucket Arts Center, the South County Art Association, the Wickford Art Association, the Art League of Rhode Island, the Providence Art Club, etc.
Are you a member of an art association or cooperative outside the State? *
Were the majority of your sales made by you through your studio or by dealers, galleries, or other exhibition venues? *
Did you sell work via your website in 2018? *
Did you sell work via social media in 2018? *
Did you sell the majority of your works to collectors inside Rhode Island or outside Rhode Island? *
Did you personally know the majority of your buyers in 2018? *
Did you sell any reproductions of your work in 2018 (e.g. limited edition giclee prints)? *
What is your primary medium? *
Are you able to make your living solely through selling your artwork? *
As an artist, I feel the market for fine art in Rhode Island is: *
As an artist, I feel there is a demand for fine art and a strong collecting culture in Rhode Island. *
Any additional comments on the state of the art market in Rhode Island as you see it?
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