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“Cities are where the climate battle will largely be won or lost” - UN Secretary-General António Guterres

Cities are global economic drivers, centres of culture and commerce, and where the majority of the world’s population resides. Urban areas also account for more than 70% of global GHG emissions and approximately as much energy consumption. Further, they are some of the most acutely vulnerable areas to the impacts of climate change from rising sea levels, increasing mean temperatures, or changes in precipitation patterns and storm severity.

At 2150, our objective is to find the game-changers and sustainable investments, the Urban Tech Gigacorns, that will enable a future where technology and innovation in the Urban Stack reverse cities’ negative impacts on the planet and promote sustainability and prosperity. We achieve this by deploying Constructive Capital that targets companies with the potential to benefit billions of people, create billions in commercial value and lower gigatonnes of emissions at scale.

Impact and sustainability is at the heart of 2150’s mission, informing how we invest, our interactions with companies and investors, and the ultimate ethos of our fund.
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