Crew Guide and Trainer Recruitment
If you are interested in helping us deliver an exceptional training program this year at our Section W-3N Conclave, please submit this form and we'll be in contact with you. This year we are enhancing our training by guiding Arrowmen through crew-based discussion forums. We're recruiting Crew guides, Arrowmen skilled in leading a discussion and encouraging participation, and Cell Trainers, Arrowmen comfortable leading a specialized lecture style course as seen below. Thank you for your service.
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For crew guides, this year we have three exciting tracks for participants to choose from. 1) New Arrowman - focuses on introducing new members to the OA and opportunities for future growth. 2) Leadership - focuses on servant leadership, helping to mentor others to lead, and various other leadership topics. 3) Legacy - focuses on the skills and strategies to grow the OA such as inductions, election, etc. Which of these tracks are you interested in helping to be a guide for?
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