2018 COMPOSERS NOW FESTIVAL Event Registration Form
Every February the Composers Now Festival highlights performances featuring living composers. All presenters, artists, and venues active in NYC are invited to participate by registering events via this form.

Performances meeting the following criteria qualify for the Composers Now Festival:
- Event takes place in February 2018
- Event takes place in the five boroughs of New York City
- Event features work/s by living composer/s
- Featured composer/s is/are in attendance at the event

There is no fee to participate. The only requirement of festival participants is the reciprocity of cross-promotion: the inclusion of the following on your website: (1) Composers Now logo with a link to the Composers Now website and (2) the Fund for the City of New York logo, and in print promotion: (3) a brief paragraph about Composers Now. That's all! Participating festival events will be listed on the Composers Now Festival Calendar hosted on the Composers Now website, promoted to the media, and featured in Composers Now social media postings throughout January and February. ALSO . . .

All participating registrants are eligible for the new Composers Now "Composers Interviewing Composers," a series of live discourses within the festival. These Composers Now-sponsored events will feature live discourse between the festival event's featured composer/s and a guest host/interviewer composer selected by Composers Now. The live discourse, hosted by the presenting organization, will take place in proximity to the featured festival performance. Composers Now will pay an honorarium to the participating composers so that the presenting organization is not burdened by additional costs. All participating festival events are eligible. Selection for the series will be made by Composers Now. Please indicate your interest in participating in the "Composers Interviewing Composers Series" in your response to the question at the end of this form. Thank you. AS OF JANUARY 25: Selection for this year's "Composers Interviewing Composers" series has been made. The submission phase is closed for this series. (Festival registration is open.) However, if you indicate interest in this program even now, it will help us to know its value. Also, we will keep you in mind for future events of this nature and other Composers Now events. Many thanks for your consideration. --Mary Madigan, Executive Director, Composers Now

- You will receive a copy of your completed form by email immediately after you have submitted the form.
- At the end of the form, there is an option to complete and submit an additional form should you have more than one event to register.
- Tip for Websites/Hyperlinks: If the form does not recognize a hyperlink you provide, try copying and pasting the link from your web browser. Be sure to include the "http://".

Regarding online registration process: David Bridges, Website Manager, dbridges@composersnow.org
Regarding Composers Now: Mary G. Madigan, Executive Director, mmadigan@composersnow.org
For more information, please visit www.composersnow.org

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