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Please answer the following questions honestly. This is an application, treat it as such! Please give thoughtful answers. Your answers and comments are taken into careful consideration and will determine if you move on to the next phase in the application process. Please Note: You may be required to have a future interview with a Walt Express staff member.
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Do you own a computer? Smartphone? iPad? Etc? Which ones? *
Why do you want to become a travel agent? (Besides the obvious of loving Disney. Tell us your TRUE "why". Do you want to become a travel agent because you want to quit your 9-5? Or help your husband retire early? Etc. Tell us, so we know how to help you succeed!) *
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How many times a year do you travel to a Disney destination? Which Disney Destination? *
Do you have any ideas of where you will obtain leads? How do you plan on marketing yourself? *
How familiar are you with Walt Disney World? Have you stayed on property? Where? Are you familiar with the WDW Dining plans and ticket packages? *
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