BrainSmart by HAAFA Survey
The purpose of this survey is to obtain your constructive feedback to continue improving the Brain Smart Competition (BSC) each year. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions for us.
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BrainSmart by HAAFA kept participants/players academically active during their summer vacation *
BrainSmart by HAAFA was challenging *
Important information was effectively communicated among all BrainSmart by HAAFA teams on time *
The rules of the game were communicated to all participants on time *
The BSC materials were informative *
Are you satisfied with the overall purpose of BrainSmart by HAAFA?
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Should BrainSmart by HAAFA teams be split into multiple groups? *
Should we have less BrainSmart by HAAFA sessions on the radio? *
Would you like to participate or volunteer in the BrainSmart by HAAFA app creation project for next year? *
Are you going to participate or volunteer in BrainSmart by HAAFA in 2017? *
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