IPA Salon Proposal Form
Salon programs are to be arranged by the Salon Proposer (SP) and the Executive Director (ED), as follows.
Executive director responsibilities:

a) Review and respond to all forms submitted by SPs
b) Inform SP of other IPA offerings, to minimize overlap of timing and location
c) Provide necessary forms for SP to request funds to cover expenses
d) Assist with determining location, and pay location fees (if applicable)
e) Set up the payment registration system
f) Send advertisements to listserv as requested
g) Offer and provide necessary information for recording and distributing to off-site audiences
h) Print CE evaluations, CE certificates and sign-in form and send to SP
i) For those attending virtually, email CE evaluation, upon receipt of completed CE evaluation, email CE certificate

Salon Proposer responsibilities:
j) Submit online form to ED
k) Establish fees, with input from ED if desired
l) Determine location and request assistance from ED to pay fees (if applicable)
m) Decide and arrange refreshments, with regard for fees and facility rules
n) Create advertisement content, and request assistance from ED as needed for creating and sending announcements
o) Send completed CE evaluations, CE certificates and sign-in form to ED, along with names of individuals attending virtually
p) Read and attest to willingness to abide by Iowa Board of Psychology requirements for CE programming (link included on salon proposal page)

Minimum prices for salon attendance are as follows: IPA Members- $20/hour, IPA Member ECP’s - $10 discount off total price, Non-IPA Members- $30/hour, All Students- free but may limit # of attendees (prices may increase depending on cost of venue, speaker, food/beverage, etc.)

If you have questions, please contact IPA Executive Director, Suzanne Hull via email: ipa@iowapsychology.org. Please email the IPA Executive Director to let her know that this form has been submitted.

The Executive Director holds the power of approval for salons. However, if she believes the salon involves controversial topics, review by the Executive Council (EC) and the CE review committee will be required. Salons that are not approved may be resubmitted to the Executive Director with revisions.
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Salon Title: *
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Learning Objectives (minimum of 3): *
Please list three peer reviewed references for material that will be covered in during the events for CE. *
Presenter Bio (brief summary): *
Budget Requests for food, beverage, etc.: Please complete the budget form: https://iowapsychology.org/resources/Documents/Legislative%20Matters/Budget%20Form.xls *
Amount Paid to Presenter: *
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IPA Member ECP Cost *
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