OATS Young Professional Award Nomination Form
Award Overview and Information
This award is a unique to OATS Young Professionals. This is a meritorious award designed to recognize those with no more than 15 years in the profession that encompasses the depth and breadth of the nominee’s character, clinical skills/knowledge/abilities, and selfless service:

The nominee embodies and contributes to the ideas, goals, and mission of OATS
The nominee has demonstrated a high level of service, professionalism, and competence in their place of work.
The nominee maintains the highest level of honor, respect, and integrity in their professional setting and to the community.
The nominee has demonstrated initiative, leadership, and ability to inspire other professionals where the profession has directly benefited
The nominee demonstrates extracurricular activities, work-life balance, and time management skills

Must be member of the Oregon Athletic Trainer’s Society
Must be a certified member or certified student member
Must have been a member of OATS for a minimum of ONE CALENDAR YEAR prior to nomination
Must be considered “young professional” at time of nomination (having been certified no more than 15 years)
An athletic trainer may not be awarded twice
A nominator may nominate only one athletic trainer per year

Application Requirements
Complete online nomination forms and provide supporting documentation.

All documents must be completed and returned to the committee chair by February 15th of the nominating year: nomination form; nominee's curriculum vitae. Email CV to Genludwig@pacificu.edu.
Award recipient will be recognized at the District 10 Meeting in March

The selection committee encourages the nominator to review the award and its criteria before submitting the nomination. The nominator will initiate, collect, and be responsible for the gathering and submission of materials. We encourage recommendations be a concise and descriptive narrative of the nominee as he or she fits the award description. We also encourage collaboration with other writers of support in a “team” approach to ensure all perspectives and information are included. Winners will be selected by the OATS Honors and Awards Committee. The nominator will be contacted by a member of the Committee once nomination has been completed or to request any additional information if deemed necessary.

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