Texas Forensic Science Academy Professional Excellence Award Nomination
Nomination Criteria
For the purpose of this award, "forensic science practitioner" means a living individual involved
in law enforcement, crime scene investigation, criminal prosecution, forensic analysis of
criminal evidence or a researcher in the field of criminal evidence or a recognized forensic
science, and who is directly employed on a full-time basis by a local, county, state or federal
agency in one of the above capacities.
Nominees may include individual forensic science practitioners, or two or more individuals for a
single award, provided that the nominees worked in partnership or as part of a team, unit or

Nominee Criteria include:
• Demonstrating an outstanding commitment to a specific criminal case or cases by
performing acts outside the normal scope of duties with respect to forensic science
• Developing or refining a new or innovative evidence collection technique or analysis
process that represents a significant change to the way forensic practitioners will work
in the future
• Producing new and significant research that advances the body of knowledge within the
forensic sciences
• Making a unique and significant contribution to the forensic sciences through training,
education or publication.

Required Information
1. Brief summary (not more than three typewritten, double-spaced pages) of the distinguished
service for which the nominee(s) should be recognized, including, but not limited to:
• Specific example(s) of service that meets one of the previously listed Nominee Criteria
that is descriptive of the achievement/work, key features and the
• Commendations and other awards received
• Other notable career achievements by the nominee
2. Completed nomination form.
3. Picture of the nominee, preferably in uniform (if applicable). (Should the nominee be
selected, this photo may be used in all print or web materials including, but not limited to,
website recognition of the award, social media, newsletters and/or event programs.)

Optional Information
• Articles featuring the nominee or their work (Limit to 4)
• Letters of support from supervisors, co-workers, peers, and others with personal
knowledge of the specific Nominee Criteria justifying the nomination. (Limit to 4)

Review and Selection Process
Nominations are reviewed by a selection committee of the Texas Division of the International
Association for Identification board. The review process may include discussion or
correspondence with the nominee, as well as the nominee's agency, including, but not limited
to, the nominee's chief executive, top administrative officer, co-workers, peers, as well as
private citizens with knowledge of the nominee’s work. Prior to any decision becoming final or
publicly announced, the selected recipient(s) must provide written authorization for the award
to be given and the notification process to proceed.
Once approved, a letter announcing the decision is to be sent to the recipient(s), to the person
who submitted the nomination, and to the top administrative officer of the agency involved.

Award Presentation
The Texas Forensic Science Academy Professional Excellence Award presentation shall take
place during the Annual Texas Division of the IAI Education Conference, at a time deemed most
appropriate by the TDIAI Board of Directors. The award shall be formally presented to the
recipient(s) by a representative from both the TDIAI and TEEX-TFSA.
After the presentation of the award, the recipient(s) may be featured on the TDIAI and TEEX
websites, newsletters and/or event programs, and on appropriate social media sites managed
by the organizations.

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