Module 1: Foul Identification 1
Welcome to Module 1.

We take an initial look at foul identification in this module, and look to differentiate between incidents that are fouls, and incidents that are not fouls.

First, you will be taken to a page to read about direct free kicks (DFKs), the most common fouls we see in football.

You will watch 10 video incidents.

You must decide whether the incident is a DFK offence or is not a DFK offence. You do not need to decide what disciplinary sanction (if any) the referee should apply. You do not need to worry about the position of the incident on the field (some incidents are in the penalty area, but just ignore that for this module). You just need to be concerned with the incident itself.

Make your decision by clicking the appropriate box below the video. Not all the decisions in the videos are correct! You need to make your own decisions.
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