Alone in the Aftermath: Betrayal-Related Divorce Recovery (Training Workshop for Helping Professionals)
HELLO and WELCOME! I’m grateful you're planning to join us on November 7, 2019 for "Alone in the Aftermath," a training workshop for professionals on the topic of betrayal-related divorce recovery.

On November 7, our 3-hour interactive workshop will familiarize helping professionals with the unique needs faced by those who are divorced, divorcing or permanently separated in the aftermath of sexual betrayal. We'll explore what survivors of divorce trauma say they need most, and what you as a helping professional can do to meet those needs, in both conceptual and practical ways. Expanded from previous in-person presentations, this online opportunity will include time for Q&A, case study review, and resource roundtable discussion. We'll also take a 15 minute break approximately halfway through the workshop.

To ensure an environment of mutual safety, all participants must (a) provide the following registration information, (b) agree to honor high professional standards for client confidentiality when discussing case studies during the workshop, (c) commit to refrain from utilizing workshop content in ways that violate my (Gaelyn’s) intellectual property protections, and (d) acknowledge your own self-responsibility when applying provided resources within your community or practice.

For live participants, the workshop registration fee is $150. If you cannot attend the presentation (or wish to own the recording for future review) the workshop registration + recording fee is $200.

When I receive this form, I will send an invoice via email to the address you provide. This invoice can be paid online by debit or credit card, and payment is due upon receipt.

If you have any questions about this workshop, please reach out to me via email:

In service and support,

Gaelyn Emerson
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