4th semester, individual specialization
From April 29, there will be no ordinary lessons. You choose your individual spezialication - you pick a subject that relates to at least ONE of your elective courses. The subject must be something that was NOT in the courses.

To document your work you must write a so-called synopsis. More information about the synopsis http://anbo-easj.dk/electives/synopsisdescription.html
Synopsis examples http://anbo-easj.dk/electives/synopsis/index.html

The exam in June is based on your synopsis.

Now we want to know what you intend to specialize in. What is your subject?

Based on your subject - and general availability - you will be assigned a supervisor for your specialization.

If you fill out the form and later change your mind, you just fill out the form, again. We use your edu.easj.dk email address to identify you - and we have a timestamp on your data records.

This form closes Wednesday 3 April, 2019

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