Action4SD: Activity proposals for your engagement
Express interest and help develop the core activities for three of the Action4SD´s Working Groups: Monitoring & Accountability; Policy & Advocacy; and Public Mobilisation

Please review the below activities and indicate which ones would be most relevant for the working groups to develop and implement. This feedback will help develop work-streams for the next 6 months and beyond, as well as identify capacity within the Action4sd network to help drive these activities forward.

1A) Civil society HLPF reports/SDG Scorecards *
A brief (but relevant) questionnaire to track engagement of civil society on national implementation of the SDGs. Aim for inputs from all Action4SD national coverage, but first focus on 2017 High Level Political Forum Voluntary National Review Countries. -- WG Host: Policy & Advocacy
1B) Your volunteer capacity for the aforementioned activity:
2A) Country profiles - mapping & featuring civil society´s engagement in the SDGs & Paris Climate Agreement *
Development of interactive map and country profile pages. This map will provide an overview of civil society initiatives that are helping to monitor and implement the SDGs and Paris Climate Agreement, as well as provide information about the groups and communities that are being left behind and require priority access to the programs and resources being mobilised by these international frameworks. -- WG Host: Monitoring & Accountability
2B) Your volunteer capacity for the aforementioned activity:
3A) Ten actions YOU can take to implement each SDG at the personal and/or organisational level: *
An inventory of thematic specific lifestyle/organisational changes that YOU can take to help deliver each of the 17 goals and 169 targets. The inspiration for this line of work are the infamous online articles "Ten ways to reduce your water footprint"; "Ten actions you can take to fight discrimination", etc. These actions could be sourced through the Action4SD network to identify best practices that could be easily adopted by other individuals and organisations around the world. -- WG Host: Public Mobilisation
3B) Your volunteer capacity for the aforementioned activity: *
4A) Coordinated global Actions for Sustainable Development around 25th September *
Coordinated public mobilization and advocacy activities around the world to coincide with the 2nd anniversary of the UN adopting the Agenda 2030. The UN General Assembly and other events around 25th September will be used for this. -- WG Host: Public Mobilisation
4B) Your volunteer capacity to develop the aforementioned activity: *
5A) National advocacy *
Advocacy activities at the national level targeted at government officials to remind them of their financial and program obligations for the SDGs & Paris Climate Change Agreement -- WG Host: Policy & Advocacy
5B) Your volunteer capacity for the aforementioned activity: *
6A) Social media campaigns to coincide with global moments for the SDGs & Paris Climate Agreement *
Produce a series of key advocacy messages and visual themes for social media to coincide with (1) Financing for Development Conference in May (2) High Level Political Forum in July (3) Anniversary of the SDG adoption (4) COP UN Climate Change Conference November -- WG Host: Public Mobilisation
6B) Your volunteer capacity to develop the aforementioned activity: *
7A) Op-ed series profiling civil society actions to implement and monitor the SDGs and Paris Agreement *
A series of articles from Action4SD members bringing to life civil society activities and programs that are helping to achieve specific elements of the Sustainable Development Goals and/or Paris Climate Agreement. A possible media partner could be the Huffington Post. -- WG Host: Public Mobilisation
7B) Your volunteer capacity for the aforementioned activity: *
8A) Translate content *
Translate project updates, mailers and reports into Spanish and French. -- WG Host: Across all working groups
8B) Your volunteer capacity for the afforementioned activity:
Extra | Additional activity proposals:
Describe as clearly as possible an activity that can be used to either a) raise awareness for the SDGs and/or the Paris Climate Change Agreement b) mobilise people around the world either in person or online c) show governments that we are watching their progress in implementing the sustainable development agenda
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