2017 VSPN Seed Grow-outs
Thank you for being part of the Seeds of Diversity Canada's 2017 Vegetable Seed Producers' Network.

Please use this form to provide information regarding the crops that you would like to grow out for seed this year.

Please fill out the following information:
- Crop Name (e.g. beans, squash, tomatoes, etc.)
- Variety Name (e.g. Genovese, Stella Blue, Peacework, etc.)
- Seed Source (please list a source if you have one, if not, please select VSPN)

You can enter from one to three crops on this form (you could always add more but can only be compensated for up to three).

Thank you so much for participating. If you have any questions, please contact Aabir Dey at adey@usc-canada.org.

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Farm Name (if applicable)
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Mailing Address with Postal Code
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