Grammar Police Entrance Exam
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Successful applicants will be contacted after the closing date.

Take your time; a single mistake could cost you your place in the force.
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1. Which of the sentences below contains the correct homophone? *
1 point
2. What is the correct contracted form of 'should have'? *
1 point
3. Which word could complete this sentence accurately? 'You need to ________ regularly to improve.' *
1 point
4. Which of the following capitalised words is correctly spelt? *
1 point
5. How many apostrophes are missing from the following sentence? 'I didnt hear my teachers instructions as I wasnt listening properly.' *
1 point
6. Which of the sentences below is correctly punctuated? *
1 point
7. Which of the following sentences is accurately spelt? *
1 point
8. Where should the apostrophe go in the following sentence? 'The childrens playground was closed.' *
1 point
9. Which punctuation mark could take the place of the space in the following sentence? 'I have spent a lot of time travelling over the past year ___ my favourite place to visit was Yosemite in California.' *
1 point
10. Which word should go in the space? 'Do you fancy seeing a film with Mark and ___?' *
1 point
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