CFRU Employment Equity Self-Identification Form
CFRU 93.3 FM is committed to Employment Equity and to the creation of a work environment that is welcoming for all applicants. We particularly encourage applications from Indigenous peoples, people who are racialized, people living with disabilities, members of queer communities, people who are transgender and gender-variant, members of immigrant communities, women, and people who have faced/are facing class barriers.

We’d like to offer this opportunity for you as an applicant to self-identify. Towards improving our employment equity we encourage all people applying to a job at CFRU to fill out our Employment Equity Self-Identification form below. Gathering information about the applicants to CFRU can help us in understanding under-representation and will be used to determine CFRU's effectiveness in promoting jobs and hiring.

All information contained in this form will be kept confidential, and names will be removed after each hiring process. This form is voluntary. Please feel free to fill this out or leave it blank.

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What position(s) are you applying for?
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Please indicate what gender you identify with:
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Are there aspects to identity and lived experiences you'd specifically like to have space to discuss in our hiring process?
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How did you hear about the job(s) you applied for with CFRU?
If you heard about a job with CFRU through a specific email listserv, organization, community group, area of posting, etc. please let us know.
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