Training Form II
Watch the (5) Blind Spot Videos (via Instagram), watch the (2) training videos, respond below for your (8) reflections, record (1) video, & take the (1) APEST Test
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Here are the links to the Blind Spot Series Videos. I am asking you to watch these videos for the sake of your spiritual discernment. These are issues that I monitor as a pastor and my hope is that you will keep an eye on them as leaders too.
#1 The Church Whose Colors Shine Brightly:

#2 The Church of Spirit, Gifts, & Titles:

#3 Confucius/Christianity:

#4 Our Identity as Reconcilers:

#5 The Rival Gospel of Suburbia:
Below is the link to Video 3!
Video 3 Reflection Exercises:
Pause 1 : Write Out a Prayer List that Covers these Areas (of Ministry for CAYA). *
Pause 2: Read and record a 1 min. video of you sharing the gospel.
Pause 3: What are some things you want the church to teach you/others? *
Pause 4: Forgive the wording, but what is your 'formula' to get more of God's presence or to get more of your prayers answered? *
Pause 5: Spend time in prayer. Ask God in faith what level of leadership He thinks you're ready for. Write your thoughts. Be honest, accurate, & vulnerable. Leave out the false humility. *
Video 4 Pre-Test: Check your email for your invitation to the APEST test ( It is a paid test, so please take it seriously. Write your response to your results below.
Here is the link to Video 4!
Video 4 Reflection Exercises:
Pause 1: Choose 2 team standards by rolling a dice. How does a good work flow help you contribute to the standards? What about self-care? Write your answers down. *
Pause 2: Give your top 2 doctrines (+ why), top 3 areas of practical theology (+ why), & take the APEST test (if you haven't yet). *
Pause 3: Which disciplines have you benefited the most from? Which 3 would you most want to grow? Why? *
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